Thanks, Pics and a few last questions. CFL bagseed grow, havest time soon.

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  1. First I would like to say thanks to all the posters here. I appreciate all the hard work some of the posters have put in. I haven't posted much since this is my first grow, but I've read a lot of the stickys and other threads. I made a few mistakes, but it seems it's coming together at the end. The plants were planted in organic soil(Village Farms) and I used the FF triple soil pack as nutes. The plants vegged for 5 weeks(24/0) under 2 100 w and one 60w CFL 6500k bulbs and have now been into flowering for 7 1/2 weeks(same wattage only 2700k). They were random mids bagseeds. They are developing seeds as I apparently didn't kill the 2 males soon enough.

    The 1st pic is the cabinet where I made the first mistake. Only a 2x2 area and I ended with 4 plants. , so they're kinda cramped.

    2nd pic is the most mature plant. Most of the pistils have turned orange, but the trychs are only cloudy still with none amber, I'm waiting for a 50/50 mix to harvest.

    3rd pic is just starting to have the pistils turn orange. I haven't looked at the trychs on any of the other plants.

    4th pic is also just starting to turn orange(only maye 5-10% of the pistils have turned). This plant does have the biggest cola with that top you see being maybe 3-4 inches tall.

    5th pic is the runt of the litter and hasn't turned at all yet and only in the last week have the buds shown significant growth.

    Onto the questions.

    1. I'm going to be havesting these plants over the course of maybe 2-3 weeks as they mature at different rates. I guess I will have to check the different cuttings seperately as they dry and then cure. Can I cut the top buds off to dry and allow the lower ones to mature more? The buds underneath the canopy seem to be maturing slower(that sounds normal)

    2. I was planning on using the sugar leaves and trimmings to make QWISO hash. Is it a problem if I just put all the trimming in a cardboard box and let them dry until the harvest is over? I'l make sure to rotate them and allow airflow so I don't get mold. I wasn't sure if they can get too dry,

    3. And now perhaps the funniest question. What do you do with the hash? How do you usually smoke/use it? I've smoked a long time actually but never smoked hash.

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