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Thanks i was clear

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by thatcher, Dec 28, 2003.

  1. Thanks for all your help ,I posted a thread on here about a month ago about starting a new job and facing a drug and alcohol test,after smoking pretty much every day for the past 15 years,took the test -passed- what i did was for about 3 weeks ,
    (two bike rides,2 miles each)
    drank loads of diluted cranberry syrup
    (2 litres a day)
    and took a sauna every day
    (about 14 in 21 days in fact)
    The main thing was to dump as much fat as you can into your blood stream ,exercising and saunas do this,the cranberry juice just cleans your urinary tract of possible deposits,I`m lucky as I burn fat quite easily 5`8" and 145lbs always have been,
    I also took 3gms of lecithin and 2mgms of pantothenic acid and 1gm of vitC .
    I hope this helps anyone who has to do one of these,it also helps if you don`t show too much interest in the test ,on test day, I did after I passed and got a very funny look,or maybe thats just the fabled paranoia :)
    Thanks again
  2. Fair play to you :)

  3. heere here

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