thank you reform!

Discussion in 'General' started by UCF-Toker, Apr 12, 2006.

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  1. that stupid guy is flooding and trolling the forums. ban em!

    [edit]and by thank you i mean thank you for deleting his posts
  2. i hope he can ban his ip too. he said hes been banned 4 times already.
  3. yea i saw that
  4. Not a problem. :)
  5. FYI: he\'s back .... part 2! :eek::(:mad::devious:x100000
  6. Saw that...he\'s gone. Report his posts if he returns, please.
  7. will do... hes on the gc\'s shitlist.
  8. thankfully he only stayed in the general board.

    it was like we were under attack. i cant wait to tell UF-Toker about it lol


    i\'m such a loser
  9. Yeah, I don\'t get why people want to hang out where they aren\'t wanted. All he had to do was show some maturity in his posts but he insisted on going the immature route.
  10. Because i love the immature a cheeky cunt what can i say..two words PROXY SERVER...r u gunna blok this account aswell?? it not mine it ma m8s lol.
  11. Hmm Im out of the loop. Whats goin on.
  12. are you kidding or being serious?

    [edit] for lantern: this guy(not sure if it was tokeitall) by the name of cause i got high or something like that started posting BS posts all over the general forum like saying \"but why\" like 200 times. really dumb, pointless stuff
  13. that guy is on his 3rd account spamming the forums with useless threads and just pissing people off.
  14. I bet if you killed yourself a lot of people would pay attention to you and know you\'re name. People from all over your town that you don\'t even know! Maybe a whole page in the yearbook even! So, ya know, you might want to just think about that.

    // edit

    That was supposed to be for the troll, but like 3 people posted between the time I clicked \"reply\" and when I actually posted it.
  15. nah im bein serious this aint my account

  16. thats so close to being a family guy quote lol

  17. Ya its prolly true, but your gonna get your friend banned too then
  18. hey reform. he is under tokeitall & sir smoke a lot, not sure if you\'ve banned that one as well...
  19. sir smokealot was banned like last week for making like 5 threads saying he was 13 and then posting just kidding.
  20. I just read some of the shit this dick sack posts. Not very busy in our social life r we? He is a fuck off who does not deserve to be in the city and we should all get his email from the mods and bombart his emails with asian porn, and then, call his mom. HAHA GET SOME ! JOE> :devious:
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