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  1. My normal doctor has been doing nothing for my back, tramadol, 10mg oxycontin 2x daily, 5mg vics for breakthrough(45 a month), so decided to do what I had to do.

    Went in with my MRI, $300 first visit, $150/visit after, in and out in ~20 script for 240 30mg roxicodone, 60 80mg oxycontin, and 90 2mg Ativan is at CVS right now, they said they only could fill ~160 now, but would be able to fill it within a day or two. I didn't care enough to drive around all day looking for a pharm. Even this month for $405 total isn't not bad, but when it's $255 a month I'll be happy.

    Just wanted to share my happyness.
  2. Congrats on the meds.
    Be careful with those roxi's they're pretty addictive. I know a few people who are hooked on them.
  3. Thanks, he started the list with the OCs and I thought that was all I was going to get, but he kept going on and on lol, I think I could have said "hey, I have trouble focusing, can you throw in like 100 30mg addy irs. Please?" and it would have happened. I'm fairly sure he'll be shut down eventually, but I still have 3 others that I know are the same deal. I only plan on taking a OC in the morning, then do 3 roxis during the day and 2 before I go to sleep, so each month I should have 30 and 90 left to just stock pile up. As for the Ativan, I had a script for 90 0.5mg a month for the past year or so, and probably have 400 of them built up, so I'll have a little back-up of those as well.

    Today was a good day
  4. whats wrong with your back?

    damn bro

    sucks being hooked on opiates...been there not:cool:
  5. Big things are 2 prolapsed disks in my lower back(I don't remember the numbers, L3 and L4 maybe?) and a compressed disk in my upper(C6?), I had broken my left arm in 3 places with one breaking the skin, partial fracture in my left femur, a few broken ribs, and I guess after the airbag had already deflated I shattered my nose on the steering wheel.

    Volvo S80 T6 AWD(me) vs. Mercury Grand Marque(them), I don't get how they did it, but more or less T-boned me from a highway on ramp; honestly I was probably going 95-110, I don't know what they were doing but it had to have been at least a little quick, I remember flipping something like 3 times, then skidding for what seemed like forever, then not really sure but I guess it flipped onto the roof and skidded into a guard rail. Everything is fuzzy so I don't know for sure if this happened, but I remember hearing people talking outside the car before trying to get me out because of how wrecked it was they thought I was 100% DOA. while the car was totaled beyond belief, the inside didn't really cave in much, it's true what they say about volvos. The guy who hit me was thrown some crazy distance from his car.
  6. Even when I doubled or tripled up on what my GP had me on it was like I was being hit with a baseball bat and a golf club over and over again everywhere. I almost gave up on it ever being better, but its to the point that more days than not I can't get out of bed. I've messed around a little with opiates before(before I got in my accident), but don't even want these to get fucked up on, I just want to be able to go to get up in the morning and not have to hope it's a "good day," which is still beyond shitty. I will admit I plan on snorting my morning one just because, but during the day once I'm already not being tortured I don't see having any problem swallowing them. I'm going to have to have all kinds of surgeries done, but even then my GP pretty much said never expect to not be in pain.

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