thank you jesus

Discussion in 'General' started by negligent, Jun 13, 2006.

  1. god damn, after a month of puttin in job applications i finally got a call back from dollar general, they drug test though according to the application n i got a interview at 430, hopefully i don get tested or i'm gonna be like "FUCK!"
  2. dollar general sounds like a cheap little dollar store. so I cant really see them drug testing (I use to work at a dollarama back in the day..well a year ago. haha).

    but maybe im wrong and that is a different store. let us know how it goes, negligent!
  3. "thank you jesus. god damn..."

  4. Borrow someones clean pee just in case.
  5. a month???

    damn that is awhile haha oh well hopefully this place dont test and ya can land a job
  6. Good luck, Neg. If they test, they won't test on the spot, probably. So, ace the interview and then worry about the test if there is one. :)
  7. YEP^^^^ JOE>

    P.S. good luck.
  8. start my new minimum wage job tomorrow at 12, definitely the quickest i've ever got a job, took a grand total of 24 hours
  9. whats min wage where ur at
  10. Congrats!:hello:
  11. wife used to manage a Dollar General here in South Carolina. They did not drug test then but they were subject to random tests. that was 4 years ago so I don't know if it has changed since then.
  12. $5.15 i do believe.
  13. neg,
    i think the best job someone can get w/o any experience would be in the restaurant industry.

    i work as a foodrunner and average at least $10/hr often times more.

    plus, restaurants almost never drug test. (half the staff at my place is on something).

    i worked a lot of other jobs: foodlion, blockbuster, starbucks, domino's, juice/smoothie bar and the restaurant job by far and large is the best job i've ever had.
  14. Id have to disagree and say out of the jobs ive had the restauraunt jobs were the WORST ones, Id much rather prefer a nice cool most likely air conditioned dollar store. Restraunts are always busy and packed and running around as fast as you can near a wicked hot kitchen. Dollar store would be nice, slowly stroll around helping people or stock shelves at your own pace and no hot kitchen and busy atmosphere. Thats how I hear it is though, you love it or you hate it.

    anyways, congrats on gettin the job man. Good step in the right direction.
  15. $6.75 in new york. I don't know if it's a national thing, though.
  16. well i gotta go for my first day training session in another 50 minutes, then i'll find out if i'm gonna be stocking shelves or working the cash register since thats what they told me i'd be doing, if i work the cash register thats badass cuz i can jus stand there n get paid haha

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