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Discussion in 'General' started by Big Poppa Puff, Sep 25, 2001.

  1. To all the Europeans, and especially the Swiss, I would like to say 'thank you' for unleashing the new Black Death plague on the world known as ISO. The International Organization for Standardization has unleashed a holy terror on me and it is known as ISO 14000, Standards for Environmental Management Systems. I was lucky enough to avoid the ISO 9000 'virus' but the 14000 hit me with full speed. Now in addition to my normally full workload, I have to implement this ISO program. I have an ISO registrar who thinks I work for her and don't have anything else to do but complete her insane tasks. Thanks again !!!!!

    Just venting, pay me no attention. No insults inteneded.
  2. A professional man like yo'self should know that all business runs on paper work. I've often tried to think why this became so popular. It's supposed to guarantee quality. And yet, the the product you make can be a complete piece of shit, just as long as you documented the entire process. Yeah, as you can tell I've been exposed to the ISO virus to, although it's in the 9000 variety. On the upside, about 15 people have a job just looking after ISO stuff.
  3. That's what my bitch is about. the damn ISO consultants who sold management on the process said it we probably already did everything for ISO 14000 but just don't document it in an ISO format. So management said let's do it. Now that I'm knee deep in it, the ISO program will turn everything here upside down, add so much paperwork, etc. while management keeps saying that it's nothing more than we already do, you don't need a pay raise, and there is no need for additional people. I just want to strangle the ISO organization, ISO registrars, and the consultants who sold us on ISO.
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