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    Hello everyone!
    Last night(actually right now, in my timeline :D) I decided to take some pics and share them with you guys(or gals?). And yeah, exclusively for the lovely citizens of the Grasscity!

    Now I'm going to guide you through my little grow life. (A night at the museum :D)
    (No worries if the first pic that you're going to see is not cannabis, bear with me ;)


    Here you can see my lovely mints. These were by far my first attempt for cloning an edible herb. (if you don't count the Cannabis, of course.)
    It's worth mentioning that I was totally unaware of the plant kingdom(or Kingdom of Plants :D) until I felt a calling(sounds too John Locke-ish, I know) to start grow Cannabis. (well, at first it appeared as a fungi of sort but since it needed a sterile medium and some rocket science, I decided to start growing something that I can afford and also I'm a bit more familiar with. So from the Infected one to the Green one)
    To be honest, I can't remember where it all started but one way or another, this plant was showing itself to me since my childhood. In the end(or right at the beginning!), my lifestyle has changed a lot(in a good way, I believe) and now I'm actually starting from The Zero(R).(when I started growing I was like at -20 or so!)

    Enough of history B-)
    Let's go back and see another shot of these lovely mints!

    Interesting to see the similarity with a ~1 week old true leaves of the Cannabis!

    Note for cloning wild(-wild!) mints: spend 4 hours(or even more! Remember what Abraham Lincoln has said about sharpening his axe!) preparing your stuff and think that you're going to do a critical surgery :D I was shocked when I saw them wilted even after 5 seconds of taking them off from the main plant/stem.(one at a time)
    Of course(unfortunately!) it was during the daytime(it's not a good idea to go there and do so at night :D) but I did my best to make some shadow over the place where I was doing the cutting.
    So in short, have your humidity dom very close and prepare the holes in your cloning medium(I like integrity of the peat moss in this case, and I guess the dear lovely mosses will not be offended by me utilizing ~1kg/6months of their ancestors corpses) and moist them well so when you put them there(and by a little press of your nail on the soil near the stem,) they will be held tight and ready to root.

    History: I found a plant in the wild and thanks to Cannabis - for opening my eyes to the amazing world of botanic - I tried to identify the plant(well, haven't even finished the school, dunno the scientific way of doing it) by finding its type(tree, shrub, annual, etc.) and then rubbing my fingers on the leaves very gently, in order to find the family of the smell, and voila! Mint!(?)

    (You know, nightshade family members are very close in leaves/body smell but totally different in appearance. One of them becomes the tomato plant, another one Nicotiana and one becomes [that unmentionable plant] and another one of course the potato! or eggplant, or whatever :D)

    It smelled like mint! But hold on, don't you just eat that damn herb based on the appearance EVER!!!(Poison Hemlock vs. Carrot are a good example)

    Thanks to a local woman(who used to leave near that area), it finally got identified as a wild mint(of sort) and now I could be a little bit less worried(/paranoid) about it being poisonous or deadly.

    Also make sure you watch the documentary "What plants talk about?".

    How different our worlds can be anyways? :) Think about it, they *EAT* light and make their own food(photosynthesis) and the output of that factory is exhaling oxygen! (The leaf surface itself is a damn complicated, yet perfectly organized industrial complex.)
    Time to time I'm wondering how life is looking from their point of view :)


    Here you can see my humidity dome. A yet-to-be-thrown-away-piece-of-junk that I see as a perfect cap for my cloning tray :D

    This :D

    lol Let's have a look at this damn lil cute baby that I cloned for my girlfriend! (3 days old or so :D)


    The colors and complexity are really really special. You can't feel it until you see them closely.
    This plant was the one that helped me taking my first clones ever! (First cloning ever!(coleus))

    Oh, here we go. This is what happening when you listen to your inner photographer and just dare to use the manual focus/setup for the very first time in your life :D

    No, don't wait for the pic to load. It's a totally white peace of art!(lol)

    "hello, world!\n"


    Hello too baby ^_^ Don't you get offended by them racists questioning your genetic and the way that your parents have met. You will kick some ass when you're a grown up, I'm just so sure of you!


    How it's even possible to not love the basil!

    Come here! Let's have a look at this little monster!


    Its name is Drosera(and these lovely people are from Grasscity, Drosera!) and it's one of those insect-eating kind of beings.
    Gosh, I was complaining about williamsi(what? That's the name of my son! nothing against the board rules) growing so damn slow and yet this plant has somehow appeared in my life. Who knows how I'm going to keep it for ~5 years or so :D


    Here my photo session is officially done and I'd like to finish it with some pics from my recently harvested plants. (As I promised, @mactheman )


    Dear British people: I'm so aware of the fact that you have a different word for football(yeah, it was soccer at first and your own sport :D) so I had that in mind and since we actually have (more than)two different keyboard layout for English(en_US/en_UK) I used two different coins for showing the sizes.(Your coins are kicking ass by the ways, they always look special and well-made in my coin collection)

    bud_2.png bud_3.png bud_4.png

    These are outcome of two bagseeds(two plants, both females) and grown up 100% organic using this equipment. (Poor man's setup)

    Thank you all for being patient and reading through this thread and here, in order to show you how much I love this community and the awesome people here(yeah, including you, right there!), I take some screenshots of how I made it available for you. (long story short, our government has blocked the access to the Grasscity, as well as thousands of other websites, so I have to put all files in a directory, upload them to my server on the other side of the planet then posting them here via bloody llllllllllllagggggy VNC tunelled through SSH. *phew*)

    writing.png directory.png

    Now that you're leaving this very place, I'd like to show you the ugly part and let you see how it looks from the outside:
    (The Good, The Bad, The Ugly)

    lol yeah, looking ridiculous :D

    Special thanks goes to the following:
    - @mactheman You always encouraged me and cheered me up.
    - @Superjoint Well, you did a great job. Dunno much about the history of it but I believe you're the person in charge.
    - @MomOnTheRun Yeah, doing more with less. You know it well too!
    - @Lizard King Welcome to city!
    - @grasscoty Yeah man, we all love you too!
    - @spliffington Somehow I know you.(weren't you one of the Oceanic Six?)
    - @Blix Awesome taste of music buddy!
    - @WaxPayne Your profile avatar is still killing me :D :D :D
    - @SG1 Oh gosh, the Virgo-Libra! he's like, dunno, can't explain my feelings towards him and what he has done here. I think I followed that thread(after 6 years of being written? being sticky in Grasscity? maaann!! that's not something to happen really often!) till page 70 or so(before my access to Grasscity get restricted) and those very pics are example of what you'll get by listening to those who actually know what they're talking about.
    - The guy who gave me my first(and the only :D) negative(dislike?) vote in Grasscity :D Thanks for the taunt and saying that my grow sucks.
    - @Toke_til_you_choke Totally a chill guy! with a great taste for music of course :D

    Forgive me if I forgot to mention your name here :)

    I'm so happy to be a member of the Grasscity family and very soon(R)(TM) I will post some more pics and perhaps writing about the life of a poor/broke beginner grower. (A bug's life?)

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  2. They look amazing , really jealous of your garden
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  3. I love you too man.
    *sobs uncontrollably*
    Now come here, give your uncle coty a hug.
    Wait, let me step up on this stool. Now come here and hug me.
    Ohhhhhhhhhhh........thats nice...........
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  4. :inlove:
    Thank you <3
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  5. cheers! you got it! *hug*
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  6. hi yazdan....thanks for the mention buddy ,,,,watch them Venus flytrap plant done escape ,,they can sneak up on ya and give your toes a nasty nip ,:) ,,,mac,
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  7. hahaha
    cheers man!
    My pleasure. The awesome nugs are yet to grow!
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  8. You said you had a surprise....... wow! Very nice! That's quite an accomplishment in spite of all you went through to make it happen - the things we can do with what we have for whats important to us is quite amazing :love:
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  9. *silence*
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