thank god i was high moment

Discussion in 'General' started by Questabella, Jun 22, 2013.

  1. I just had a moment were thankfully i was high. I was driving home behind a car and theres was a 18 wheeler in front of him cruising pretty slow on a 1 lane back road. The car in front of me goes to pass him, im thinking should i also pass then i thought I better not because im stoned. Doesn't the truck make a left turn as the car is passing him and he just makes it pass the turning truck. If i was sober i definitely would have passed the truck and would have gotten smashed by the truck.
    Anyone else had a moment like this?

  2. Not quite like your story but there have been many times me and my friend were close to quitting our job but just took a smoke break and got stoned. The jobs much better when you are high
  3. no, i dont do stupid things when i drive.
  4. My highs have suppressed shitty moments that would put me in a trance, so everytime I get high, I thank Maryjane for her services.
  5. "thank god i was stoned so i could drive safely" dumbass
  6. Old black dude almosted smashed me with his van the other week. I was baked but reacted quickly and swerved. He made sure I was ok. I asked him too and he goes "But dam kid you can drive"

    Dont know if it was good to be high but I was and acted calm. I couldve been a dick but I laughed it off. Was glad everyone was safe.

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