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  1. I thought this belonged in Pandora's Box, as it's a pretty controversial topic.

    Basically, I need you all to sit me down and help me understand why people go bat-shit crazy over this douchy hipster.


    I simply just don't understand. I look at this "thing", and my balls cringe.
    My dick is literally upset from just looking at this jerk-off.
    So my question to you, is what is one dominantly attractive feature on this guy?
    What makes this terd so damn attractive?

    I just don't understand.​

  2. i donno..

    she's kind of cute.

  3. i'm with AW...:rolleyes:
  4. I'm not into girls....she's kinda ugly. Some dudes are into tatted chicks though. It's all about preference :confused_2:

  5. its definately the femamine traits, the fake tattoos are weird though. they look fake
  6. :laughing:

    You all do realize that this is a man, right?
  7. hahaha

    great fucking question
  8. That's a dude first of all.(ones calling him a chick)

    Second, I don't know.

    Third, another question is why people like his music :confused:
  9. No Professor I'm pretty sure that's an ugly chick...
  10. that's what i thought.. then i saw royksopp's reply and had to check again. :eek:
  11. I have no idea who that is, and I spent the first few minutes staring at the picture trying to figure out if he/she was male or female (glad I'm not the only one). :p

    Things like this make me really glad to be so out of touch with pop culture nowadays. :poke:
  12. Haha I don't know what to think either at first I thought it was some dude then I was like wow is that a chick..

    Mind boggling.
  13. Hey I'm totally fresh and down with the program and I had no idea this generation of dudes and dudettes were tricked out in this hella wack gear.

    nah but seriously (s)he looks like a waste of space
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    Well, I was a little suspicious at first. What with the lack of any balls whatsoever.

    I was scared, alone, and confused. I didn't know what to believe anymore.

    That's when I noticed the most frightening discover of all; the lack of tits. That's when my whole world was turned upside down.

    Oliver Sykes
  15. so....who is that anyway?
  16. Oliver Sykes. He plays in the band(lol?) "Bring me the Horizon".

    People around here are on his nuts everyday as well so I know what you mean P.
  17. Are you fucking me? That is a MAN?!!!!! Holy jeebuz. *mind blown*

    Who the fuck is that anyways?
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    ~ Wikipedia

  19. Hahaha good one professor... :laughing:

    Also the tattoos look fake to me...:confused:
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    [ame=]YouTube - BMTH Bring me the Horizon - 'Pray for Plagues' Official Video[/ame]

    He's just so sexy and sensual, I can barely contain myself.

    P.S. I despise this genre of music. If you can actually call this shit music.

    P.P.S I'm not sure bout his tats, but his teeth look a little fake in the video...
    Just sayin'.

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