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  1. Can anyone post their opinions and/or pictures of anything you have grown/smoked from TGA, although I'm most interested in Agent Orange, Jilly Bean, Cheesequake, and Space Jill. Thank you.
  2. Have a Jilly bean hanging right now. Easy to grow, Great branch structure, smells absolutely amazing in flower, very easy to trim. Haven't sampled it yet, saving for at least 2weeks in cure, but had some of the scissor hash and it had me army crawling on The carpet for some reason I dont remember. Going to plant my last 5 seeds after my current grow is complete and hopefully breed them .
  3. Got a few plushberry running and just one vortex keeper I've had around

    I have no complaints with either as they both respond well to the training I give them
  4. Chernobyl. Lime flavoured. Easy to grow, fast vegging, resinous, fast finishing adn absolutely divine smoke. I love it.
    Jiillybean and Agent Orange are good too.

  5. i am growing querkle and qrazy train. the querkle is ungodly dense. i just femmed out my plants. two of the querkle males i threw away were as wide as they were tall and had a conservative number of 350 bud sites on an eight week old plant.

    i used to grow the void. it was some amazing stuff. but extremely easy to build a tolerance to. it also had some denseness to it (the plant itself). you can check my mother that i had out on my harvest sig i think. she woulda produced an easy four pounds if i didnt have to throw her away on he fly.
  6. Grew Pandora's Box a while back. See grow journal linked in sig for pics. Overall, very pleased. Good yield (4 oz single plant, no LST/trimming/etc), potent, smells beautiful. Only complaint was it grew quite a bit thinner and taller than my other grows (5+ ft tall). But like I said, still a good yield.
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    ive grown querkle and vortex. I really loved them both. unfortunately i lost my favorite querkle pheno. the buds were rock hard, bright green with a beautiful purple all over especially in the middle of the buds. people say it smells like blueberry muffins. I still have vortex and its my favorite middle of the day smoke. the smell of the vortex is absolutely amazing and it sends me soaring everytime i smoke it. Here is a pic of the querkle.

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    The genetics are mostly f1 hybrids. Some stable, some not. Have to do some work depending on strain with pheno hunting-much like any other strain on the market today.

    Flavor and Potency is tga's specialty. Most of their gear has high flavor profile genetics mixed with atomic head trashing potency.

    I have grown from the likes of Querkle, Qrazy Train, Cheese Quake, Qleaner, Dairy Queen Vortex, The Void, The Flav, 3d, Space Jill, Jack The ripper.

    Favorites in Order 1. Qrazy Train 2. Querkle 3. Cheese Quake 4. Jack The Ripper 5. Qleaner 6. Dairy Queen

    Didnt care for nor keep any of ; 3d (very fast to finish, taste is all subtle and undertones with weak potency)- Space Jill ( although it grew huge golf ball size nuggets everywhere--amazing yield and taste of key lime pie--just no potency), The Flav ( grew great just no taste-potency on my phenotypes) The void ( same issues as the flav)

    I am a fan of the genetics, but not a fan of the whole weed nerd-troll thing. His gear is epic, but he's also a epic flamer, but just my opinion. But I really don't give a rat ass about the dude, just his genetics, which I think are all mighty dank!!

    I have yet to try any of his new works with Pre-98 Bubba/Qush/Ace of Spades/Ripped Bubba/PlushBerry ...may give one of these a try in the near future. Been pretty content with the older tga genetics I have collected.

    All the Best~
  9. Ive been Growing Deep Purple for months now. its by far my favorite plant. has great broad dark green leaves throughout the grow cycle till the last 3 weeks, when all the leaves start turning purple from the buds out. has an AMAZING odor, extremely fruity smoke. Only down fall is it grows slowly in veg. takes another week longer then all my other strains to grow the same height. Yields very well.

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