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  1. Do you exchange nude photos? Do you care if the chicks face is in the photo? What's really the point in asking for nudes and when u ask for one what kind are you really looking for just titties or ass?

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    Texting nudes is a stupid childish thing to do. Once you put that shit out there you are taking the chances that those pics will come back and haunt you.
    edit if I was a chick I would never send one or else it would probably end up on GC or as a facebook revenge kinda thing.
  3. Cuz I like seeing tits and ass bro.

    Its even better when its a surprise. :confused_2:
  4. Snapchat

    Omega369 :wave:
  5. Snapchat is the new way to send nudes my friend.
  6. Ya but screen shots can be taken. Technology is a wonderful thing isn't it.
  7. Very true. But you can have short time limits
  8. You also get notifications when someone screen shots snaps you send

    Who Dat!
  9. There's a hack for that. There's a hack for almost anything. LOL. And even if you get a notification what are you gonna do?
    "Fuck you delete that shit!!!!"
    "Oh ya baby no worries its deleted", meanwhile it is quickly uploaded to the cloud, stays on the phone or gets loaded on to a PC.
  10. interesting name man haha & I know I used to have my snap chat jail broken when I had an iPhone, basically if you are going to send them send them to someone you trust a lot and make sure you get some back if not first :p

    Who Dat!
  11. I'm no prude, but HELL NAW. Knowing there's everything from 4chan to revenge porn to all of my friends and family swimming around out there on the internet, the only way I'd dare take a nude is with an old Instamatic.
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    Only issue these days are scanners and other types of reproducers but with an old instamatic it is likely someone you trust wholly or your grandparents :eek: .
  13. Well, I don't have anything Mawmaw hasn't seen before! :p
  14. if your gonna do just don't put yo face in it #1 rule.

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  15. Use to, not anymore though. Now days it's like Russian roulette.
  16. It's called supersnap. Automatically saves all videos and pictures and doesn't even inform the sender.
  17. Snapchat is super unreliable for other reasons like them getting hacked all the time
  18. well, girls should be texting nudes more often....
    so i can have a nice collection ready for the Y3K
  19. One time I sent a picture of my penis to a girl I met at a party and she didn't replied.

    I really don't know why...hmmm.

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