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  1. I hate this place
  2. I think it's absolute bullshit...but then again, the public school system has been bullshit for a very long time all across the nation
  3. inc shit storm for the middle east.
  4. "Teachers also have said the document is too long and will force students to memorize lists of names rather than thinking critically."

    I love how fucking NOBODY will listen to teachers. They're the ones essentially raising the kids, how about letting them have some goddamn say for once. Shit like this, focusing on stupid, irrelevant test scores, etc. are what are rotting our society from the ground up. They start with the impressionable kids, indoctrinate them not to think for themselves and question everything but instead to become another sheep in their political herd. Not just political, but ideologues who can't think past one move as in a chess game. Since they aren't taught to think critically, they can't understand why certain ideas are great on paper but don't work out in the real world, how actions have consequences etc. Also, most who are indoctrinated to think a certain way can't imagine considering any opposing viewpoints, another sign of having no critical thinking skills. It's one thing to have strong beliefs, and another to outright ignore the possibility of any other beliefs to have any validity to them (and this happens with both sides of the political spectrum, conservatives and liberals alike).

    Aside from just critical thinking, the memorization of dates and names is fucking STUPID. Who cares what the name of a guy did when, what matters is WHY and WHAT DID IT DO. How did it affect the world, how has it changed our lives, and most importantly, WHY WE SHOULD STOP MAKING THE SAME GODDAMN MISTAKES OVER AND OVER. The fuck is the point of memorizing shit from history if we don't learn from it?! What would you rather know, what date something was done, or how it changed the course of history, for better or for worse, how if it happens again what would come of it, etc. We should be teaching our kids to think beyond the damn dates and names, beyond labels and titles, and to see the forest for the trees.

    I'm considering becoming a teacher, but if I have to teach kids a bunch of bullshit that is essentially meaningless and worthless, why even bother....

  5. to test the kids sitting in class, the more kids they fail the more go to summer school which they have to PAY for. the school systems dont give a fuck about the students, rarely do the teachers either.

    id say its about 70/30 of caring to not caring when it comes to teachers. the best teachers spend WAY more time on why this even was important rather than when it happened.

    memorization if just a way to quiz kids on if they fell asleep in class or not. i myself witnessed many years of my life kids ACTUALLY sleeping in class, what did the teachers do? very few woke their ass up, the rest let them sleep.

    this alone proves my point.
  6. the continued dumbing down of american :(

    and it said something about McCarthyism, i didn't know what that was so i looked it up... its basically the book 1984 coming to life. Watch out, little kids everywhere will start accusing you of being thought criminals.
  7. Salem witch trials - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  8. They already are. Look at how the government is trying to demonize Tea Party members, Rush Limbaugh, etc. as being "anti-government," and "inciting violence." It's a bold-faced McCarthyist witch hunt, just people in power trying to silence those who are against the "witch-hunters'" agenda. I can't remember who it was, but someone in power called those who protest the policies of the current administration as being "anti-government."

    Like I said, if we don't learn from history why teach it? If people were actually taught why and how McCarthyism even existed (instead of just WHEN, which is almost absolutely useless info), they would see the parallels in the government attacking private citizens for voicing their opinions against the policies of the people in power. If people paid attention, as soon as these bastards started attacking citizens, the rest of the citizens would say "wait a minute, what the fuck do you think you're doing?! you can't attack people for criticizing your POLICIES for fuck's sake, who the fuck do you think you are?! we didn't give you your job to attack us goddamnit, we gave you your job to REPRESENT us!!" But instead people just ignore it, they don't care about the government going on another "enemy of the state" witch hunt, they don't even care about the government, period. They think their lives are just fine and dandy so the government must be doing their jobs just fine. Complacency will destroy us all.

    Sometimes I'm sad/angry that I have to be associated with such idiots. If I ever go out of country I'll have to explain that no, I'm not a dumb fucking idiot like most of the others back home :rolleyes:

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