Texas Rappers?

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  1. I just recently started getting into Z-Ro.
    if any of you guys like Tx rappers and HAVENT checked out z-ro, u better hurry up.

    BUT BE WARNED, he is a christian gangsta rapper. he often talks about killing people and other things based off of gangsta rap but also praises the lord and stays away from satan [i'm not joking]

    Z-Ro - Crooked Officer
    Z-Ro - No Help
    Guerilla Maab - Speak my Mind Feat. Z-Ro
    Z-Ro - The Hero Under God [T.H.U.G]
    Z-Ro - Greed, Vanity, Lust
    Z-Ro - Eyes On *****s
  2. theres lots of great TX rappers

    slim thug, PJ, killa kyleon, chris ward, sir daily (boss hogg outlawz)
    pimp c, bun b
    chamillionaire, paul wall
    crenshaw & knock

    tum tum, big pokey
    dallas tx ballaz
    young nino
    CTC Ent
    big shane, blaze burna

    ..just to name a few of my fav

    i'm honestly not a huge z-ro fan though, my favorite songs by him are Who's The Man feat. Trae, and So High
  3. you forgot MIKE JONES
  4. UGK - Ridin Dirty
    Devin The Dude - Just Tryin Ta' Live
    Geto Boys - The Resurrection
    Scarface - The Diary & The Fix

    ^^^ get those albums
  5. About time I see a thread like this.

    Devin the Dude
    Pimp C
    Bun B.. etc.

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