Texas Does It Again Maybe They Should Just Change The State Name To Freedom...

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Tripace, Jun 10, 2013.

  1. http://www.naturalnews.com/040683_drone_legislation_Texas_police_surveillance.html

    Nice one Texas.
  2. Once again, Texas is where it's at.
  3. Virginia became the first state to pass legislation restricting drone usage.
    Included among them is Idaho which became the second state to ban unregulated drone use last month.
    Texas is doing ok. This part is shakey -  "Texas Privacy Act," contains other exceptions, such as allowing police to use drones to pursue known felons or conduct criminal investigations.
  4. How does a state that breeds evil presidents stand for the opposite?  Baffles me
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    I love my state :D shit hits the fan even more for the U.S. ill be pro secession..

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  6. Didnt the cops kill that old man in his front yard in texas? :hide:
  7. drones need to communicate to an operator...
    on another topic;
    guess how easy it is to broadcast a broad band sweeping and oscillating radio frequency signal that blocks other radio signals within a few miles. :confused_2:
    go on guess... :confused_2:
    (I was an evil genius in high school...did the above with simple parts and a flagpole) :bongin: :devious:
    not that the two topics are related...nope...not related at all... :gc_rocks:
  8. Finally a +1 for Texas..
  9. Didn't Texas want to make themselves their own country? Lol
  10. replublic of texas
    great state. u can get a pound of good mids for $500
  11. Just hope they don't have a drone designed to locate and destroy any jammers.
  12. Evil Presidents? Are you referring to W.? Actually, nope, he was born in New Haven, CT. :wave:
  13. Much better than being part of the Usa no?
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  14. Texas was once its own country.

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  15. God damn it 
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    And they still butt fuck you over marijuana...
    Actually I think Texas is smart...they get medical marijuana, or legalize mj everyone would move there lol...they have everything I would want in a place to live besides it's laws on marijuana.
  17. Texas isn't the freedom state.

    They are the lone star state. They are one of the most oppressive states. They want to be free to be that way.

    I still supper tenth ammendment, but i won't celebrate Texas for being the spearhead.

    Now if California got their heads out if their asses and became the forefront of freedom, I'd applaud them. But California is kinda the poster child of neocon agenda =[

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  18. Do you honestly believe Dr. Ron Paul would pick one of the most oppressive states in the country to live dude? He has lived there for a VERY long time now, and it's for a very good reason. ;)  :metal:

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