Texas A&M to the SEC...

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  1. Florida St, Missouri, and Clemson could possibly be on their way as well. As if the SEC wasn't already stacked.
  2. FSU wont make it

    clemson probably won't maybe mizzou
  3. stupid. the sec is already stacked and has enough teams. stop trying to make 3 power conferences with all the rest of the teams left with the scraps.
  4. Im a Florida Gator fan so this affects us pretty big. I dont really understand why they are leaving the big 12 i just think theyre gunna get beat worse in the SEC. and they dont really fit right with the SEC geographically. The only close team to them is LSU so it fucks up their travel too.
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    lol A&M is about to get their ass kicked more than they ever have. They are still going to be the bitch of Texas and lose the recruiting battle.... now they just made their schedule that much harder.

    Meanwhile, UT is still gonna bring in bank and recruit ballin ass players no matter what the fuck happens.
  6. A&M will definitely get better recruits by moving over to the SEC. Its a powerhouse conference that guys go to for the best chance to get in the league. You know Texas has so many great high school football players.. A good number of them will pick A&M over UT just to be in the SEC

    And they're gonna get fuckin' paiddddd just for being in that conference, so anyone that says its a bad move for the school is delusional
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    haha... no fucking way dude. I live in Texas. If you take a trip to both schools you'd COMPLETELY understand. No kid in their right mind would pick A&M over UT.

    UT will always run shit in Texas. Only reason A&M is leaving is because UT is getting a network. They can go independent just like ND and still out recruit the shit out of A&M.

    UT will ALWAYS win the Texas recruiting battle. That's all anybody has been talking about on the radio here. One reason... Austin.
  8. Uhh, I lived in Texas my whole life dude. I grew up in Austin and even went to A&M for a year. I hated College Station and had to get the fuck out of there. I'm just saying, a lot of 5 star athletes from Texas leave and run to LSU and other SEC schools so they can be in that conference and play with the best. UT will definitely run college football in Texas for the next decade. I'm just saying it will help A&M, being the only SEC team in a state that produces athletes like Texas can't be a bad thing.
  9. Word. :bongin:

    I see what you mean. They could end up like Arkansas though and just get shit on most of the time.

  10. Haha true that :smoking:

    They get stuck with the fuckups like Mallett. they didn't want his ass in Michigan so he ran back to Arkansas and started doing blow again
  11. They'd be shooting themselves in the foot with recruiting. Most kids in Texas grow up watching big 12 football- if a&m isn't in the big 12, they lose a lot of those kids. And if those high caliber texas recruits want to play in the SEC, schools like Alabama and Auburn would be more than happy to scoop them up. Look at it this way- their choices are 1- play for a nationally relevent team in their home state that plays in the conference they grew up watching and almost always contends for a conference title (UT), 2- play for a nationally relevent team in the SEC that requires them to move away from home, but gives them a realistic shot at a national championship (alabama, auburn, etc), or 3- play for maybe the 7th or 8th best team in the SEC, get very little national respect, struggle to go bowling every year. Which one would you pick?

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