testing limits

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by maggot107, Aug 4, 2008.

  1. testing our limits of life half bottle 120mg codeine 13 vodka shots weed can and 1 half air duster tons of triple c's gasoline half bottle of wine also i forgot 5 football looking xanax pillz you would be suprised to no end of my age much love GC!:hello: cigs last night i took like 8 more shots
  2. careful don't kill yourself

    assuming you don't, then have fun. sounds nuts. i don't touch most of that shit, though. :)
  3. ahh the good ol days of pushin it to the limit.... sweet sweet death, the ultimate high

    seriously haha, when you OD on any drug and ur heart stops thats as high as you can fuckin get on that drug
  4. half a can of airduster triple c's and gasoline you sound sooo smart
  5. i feel bad for your body
  6. gasoline?? seriously??
  7. Great idea! Sounds like a trip.
  8. Lol. Nicely put.
  9. It seems like you're on the wrong end of natural selection... Have fun, but try not to procreate.;)
  10. agreed. you the type of person who gives us pot smokers a bad name....thanks
  11. I really dont care if i die anymore this girl fucked me over one time to many so thats that if my heat stops it was fun while it lasted
  12. oh no, a girl broke your heart. :rolleyes:
  13. Don't be a retard. Everyone's been there. Shit I went there, said I'd never go back, then sure as fuck went right back there. Now I feel like a retard for even letting her get to me that bad. You will too in a short while. Trust me, I've got more knives in my back than you and I'm still smilin :cool:. And as far as the drugs, I hope you'd never do that shit without a death wish...not trying to judge but...come on.
  14. girls come and go. most fuck you over. its life man. weed helps. toke 2 and call me in the morning.:D
  15. ^ haha
    fo real dude, you're gonna risk ending your life over a broad? playa please
  16. You Will Die, You Stupid Ass Mother Fucker
  17. you're just as cool as OP in my opinion.
  18. I think thats the general idea...
    Pretty stupid if you ask me, you wanna waste your life and go to hell, be my guest. Then life will seem a whole lot better when your gettin bumed by hitler! Right?
  19. this bitch WAS my best friend went to preschool with her loved her since and now i really just want to get so high that i die high to the sky
  20. Heroin? The word play alone would be worth it.

    Seriously though, just chill a while. You'll feel better.

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