Test grow #2. Any tips?

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  1. Wanted to get some pointers for this grow as my last one didn't go so smoothly in the end. These are just test grows until I can get a plant through its life cycle then I'll order good seeds. Right now I have two of my own starting and I was given the one plant that's up and going right now. All are under 6500k daylight cfls. The actual plant has 4 23w while the two newbies are sharing 2 23w. I have a thermostat for this grow as I didn't for the last.

    What are good temps? Mine is usually about 81 degrees
    What's a good humidity to have? Mine is usually about 37 to 45
    Should I give my plant c02? I heard this can be beneficial. And how would I do such a thing. I'll Google after this post so if it's something I just have to Google then I'm sorry for making a whole thread. Thought this would be easier than "weeding" through useless threads :p

    I'm in Fox farm ocean forest soil as well

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  2. Temps are okay, although you could get a regular desk fan blowing gently on them.
    Lights on the main plant, could be a little closer maybe?  As that plant gets taller, the lights at the top are getting further and further from the bud sites at the bottom, so you don't usually grow plants too tall with CFLs.  You usually want to keep them only a few inches from the plant if you can.
    Humidity is okay, don't worry about it.
    CO2 is only useful if it is so high it is toxic levels to humans.  You need equipment for that. You also need enough light for the plant to use the extra CO2 anyway and there's no way you get that with CFLs, so put it out of your mind.  It seems tempting, but there is no way CO2 is going to help your grow.
    Do you have a plan for making sure the dark period is totally blacked out?  A plan for the smell?  i can't tell if you're in a closet or the corner of a room.
  3. My last plant suffered a lot from having it to close that's why I was weary, but I was also in a different set-up that had other problems as well. I have an air purifier blowing on them atm. For the dark period, I am in a closet so I've got a timer to turn the lights off. For smell, besides the purifier I haven't planned for. I've heard of carbon filters but haven't looked into them too much yet
  4. I just moved the light a bit closer, about 4 inches away now
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    How close were they on your last grow? I use hid lights but have CFLs to get plants started and for extra lighting. I let them get too just over an inch away before moving the CFLs. I never usually have them more then 2.5 inches away. I have adequate air flow and no heat issues.
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    Air flow might have been the problem, just a single air purifier blowing on the plant. Besides the air flow, it doesn't really cool things off too much. I may put in another fan soon. But on my last grow it was about an inch away

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