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    Hi Chunk, you wanted to look at the old time Thai, so here it is...

    Couldn't get it all in the picture, I suck at taking them, it's 'as is', because I don't pretty them up with sissors, and it's really really tall and flaky looking. 14 weeks. Bout 4 to go. Beautiful plant tho, like a duster on a stick, the thing my cat plays with.

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  2. All I can say is wow.......that is an old school Thai.......and 14 weeks and counting? You are going to be loving that smoke for sure Skunk. Thankd for sharing that pic.

    You said you've had several plants come and go since this girl took root? Did you have Thai seeds from yesteryear or were you able to buy them? I'm sorry for all the questions, but since I've taken an interest in the history of breeding MJ, Thai seems to be the more sought after sativas that breeders cherish and look to in creating their hybrids.

    I'm stoked for you and your Thai plant,

  3. These were brought from the Philipinnes where they are grown...but it is deffinately a hybrid of some sort, or it probably wouldn't survive under 800watts, and this is one of my last seeds grown out. Only have one more seed left. They don't clone...no matter what I do. The others were similar, lacey and long, fuzzy. Very N sensitive. Topped it 4 times, twice in flower out of necessity. This one smells good, but not the best. I grew one out that had the smell of peanut butter a few years ago. No skunk, no reek, no pits, just peanut butter. Unique. The high is pretty consistent with varying levels of anxiety and raciness for the whole climb and feelings of needing to move until your mind finds a groove and drops into calmness. Many people can't tolerated the high we used to call normal, I think life is so complicated that people all start out anxious to begin with and the climb is totally alarming to many people expecting stupor and couch lock. The high is the same as the one supplied by Kali Mist by Serious Seeds, another favorite. Wish me luck, still have a ways to go and they hermie like hell....
  4. SkunkPatronus, I would love to see more pics of your Thai too !
  5. We should start a social group for Thai lovers:D

  6. Skunk ? Chunk ? I didn't mean to scare anybody, but I think I must say that I like the idea of the Thai lovers social group (if it doesn't already exist). There can't be all that many of us can there ?
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    For non-Thai lovers, I know, it looks 'odd'... it's supposed to. 16 weeks. The pistals linning the arms are starting to open and the leaves are dying back. Sorry to the photographers that you all seem to be, I am a terrible photographer but it is an interesting species of plant so I took some anyway. I cut and dryed a few bottom branches and some arms from the way top due to height restrictions and selective growing...smoked them :D Nice effect. 21 weeks I'm guessing.
  8. thanks for the pics, SkunkP. You'd have no way to know this, but almost a year ago when I first joined the city, you posted somewhere some thoughts on strain selection and they intrigued me so much that I copied and pasted them into my personal notes. So I'm still interested in your preferences among strains. Also in all those old stories about who was fucking whom amongst the various breeders...:p

    good luck with the old Thai...close as I've gotten so far are blatant hybrids, Chocolope, and I;m also running Mekong High, supposed to be vietnamese/lao genetics so the same general part of the world....
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    Just found this post, it's been a bit. How did your Mekong High finish and smoke. Could you direct me to a strain report at all?

  10. Hiya - I'm about to head back to it after a few days away getting the OD cut and hung. You can see some status reports in my sig link marked "haze hybrids." I haven't taken any yet. It's close (this is day 60) but it's possible I dealt it a setback by messing up a couple auto-watering episodes while I've been away this summer . Will up date that thread prob next Wednesday.

    So far the form and vigor of that plant have been interesting, very different from the other five haze hybrid strains I have going. MH has been very vigorous, putting up a lot of blooms. They were still very airy when I left...not unlike your thai pics, I suppose.
  11. Wow i have never seen anything like that thai.. Amazing! Thank you for sharing this with us all! Very cool to see something so different. May I ask what makes a thai so different then our normal Sativas?
  12. Marapa, I will look at your posts, this is a place I don't go often, I have never really had the ability to post pics before out of fear I guess...so I don't look here much. Long life of 'hiding it' and all that. I only got over it long enough to put up the pics of the fuzzy plant above. It did fill out, the calyx's grew... looked like a pregnant duster with sugar sprinkled on it. The old thoughts on strain selecting you you copied, was it in a breeding discussion? I like crossing my plants up, I don't much go to the breeding section of GC anymore though, I don't like aurguing with people online hahaha. I have printed and taped dozen's of poeple ramblings from here too, great place to visit.

    Downgirl, They are an old true sativa. Not the one that you see when you look for either the sativa or the indica pheno of the hybrids. Talk about lanky, looks like Hemp Marijuana, where the breeding is for the stem... but with malawi branches, but without the narrow hand-like drooping array of leaves on the branches from the stem to half way, they lack serrations the whole of the branch instead, and took forever to finish. Very psychoactive, this particular plant was. Not like a Haze where you can get a few crops from it, and harvest in sections and the plant keeps flowering, I had to take the whole thing down, felt like a funeral after so many weeks of playing with it.

    We need a woman's growing group subforum. The odds are that we have nuances to our growing, problems and barriers that are unique to being female and issues due to kids and spouses or boyfriends that men (as rulers of the world) don't have.

  13. SP, I don't think so. I didn't much venture out of the "organic growing" section of "marijuana cultivation" except to look at the security section for about the first three months I was on GC. So it was probably in the general (non journals) organic growing section. Nowadays I almost never get out of my user CP, except to check the news in the futile hope that someone has legalized.

    You made some crack about enjoying all the stories of danish growers and who was screwing whom (I remember that because I am also am amateur cannabis historian--have you read Mr. Nice? I'm in the middle of it now. Started great, getting ponderous). Then at some point in the thread I copied this little tidbit from you:

    "nirvana's: blue mystic*---most have no scent. Northern light*---most have no scent. citral*---interestingly it smells like it's not there. bubbilicious*---look for the bubblegum scented one, great stone too. purple power plant*---look for the lemon one, one of my mom's is one of these. K-2* if you can find the seeds, fantastic purple in most k-2's too."

    I was sort of where I think Downgirl is at the moment, overwhelmed by the strain choices being offered, trying to suss out the market....

    Ironically, I just finished running Nirvana's PPP outdoors, and I wonder if that's what you meant by "purple power plant." Cause here's what I got in the end:
  14. Marapa I am definitely lost with all these strains! Its like an overload of information that I can not stop thinking about. I missed the last 2 Tude promotions because I couldn't figure out what I wanted haha. Guess I got to wait another month GRR:(
    I bet that Thai is a pain in the behind to keep a certain height that is something I wouldn't even want top try. I see Marapa and his girls and how big they are and I run away screaming.. Heck I myself am a little veritcally challenged and not sure how I would feel my plants towering over me. I would feel like Im in the pet shop of horrors or something. Anywho Skunk very awesome and thanks for sharing <3

  15. That's it my Purple Power Plant...uh, yeah, it's supposed to be Pure Power Plant, but my mind must have it catagorized next to it's colour description. Mr Nice??? A book you say? Will have to find that. I don't have any book info, just the stuff that happened over the years that I can remember. Mostly from High Times issues... hahaha, used to have to cut out the ordering forms from the pages of HT and send it off with a money order for seeds, each company had about 10 going strains...times have changed.

  16. I'd go with Mandala for seeds, all hand selected, fully ripe, no bullshit seeds... and they have a wonderful set of stock to choose from.

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