TES : Oblivion

Discussion in 'General' started by fAKdded, Mar 31, 2006.

  1. This game kicks ass, Any else try it out? Its so interactive its nuts. You can do anything in this game. It's set back in the day, and its just really interactive, by that I mean you can pick-pocket people, pick locks, sneak into peoples houses. Bet, trade, gladiate. Anything you can think of. All set in an RPG style quest. The world is HUGE. The quests are ever changing, it has so many different probabilites. It makes a very interesting game , with great game-play.

  2. Havent had a chance to play oblivion yet. But elder scrolls 3 morrowind was the shit!:smoke:
  3. kinda like morowin, looks good
  4. Hell yeah, its been in my 360 sence the day it came out.
  5. Don't have a 360...but if i did, i'd devote my whole life to it.
    I did with Morrowind. Loved that game so much.
    Nord ftw. =)
  6. Yes! I play oblivion! I have a level 25 Dark Elf Spellsword with a heavy dose of invisiblity magic. Making a great assassin. I want to be able to make a Werewolf character, because I heard you can do that.
  7. pink its out on computer also
  8. i wish my comp could run oblivion, that game doesnt even run on low video cards due to all those damn pixle shaders, but once my computer get upgraded i will be playin that game a bunch. its a 60hr plus game. i know u could be a vampire in morrowind, idont know bouta werewolf
  9. Ohhhh man, Im waiting till I update my graphics card to get this game. Meanwhile i've been playing Morrowind 3 to refresh my memory of it.
    The forests in oblivion look amazing from the videos i've seen, I havent yet tried it tho, i wish they made a demo for it!
    edit example:


  10. ^^ damn I'de expect a bit better graphics for the 360.. Im waitin for ps3 its gona kick microsofts ass!

  11. Yeah but its gonna cost like 400-500$
    Im waiting for the GC revo, im down for new types of gameplay.

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