Terrifying experience last night. :/

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  1. Last night when I was in bed falling asleep like right as I started to fall asleep my mind was still awake and my body was paralyzed and I couldn't move or make a noise. This happened like 3x as I started to dose off and idk for how long.

    I felt and saw myself falling into some huge black void and I actually thought I was dying. I tried to fucking scream and it came out as mumbles. It felt like maybe a 5 second delay where I was totally paralyzed but could have been longer than that.

    I think I've had this happen a couple times before but thought I was actually just dreaming that it was happening but this time I Googled it and it's sleep paralysis. I couldn't sleep at all after reading about it. I think I finally passed out around 5am. I'm pretty nervous to sleep tonight. Anyone else ever go through this? Apparently all of those stories of alien abductions and shit is caused by this..
  2. When things like that happen I always say.....ENJOY it!!!!!
  3. Yeah it's not that unusual.

    From the research I did on it a couple years ago.. I think if you move when your body tells you to move you can avoid it (like rolling over).
    Sleeping pills usually make it way worse for me, they make my heart jump and skip a beat every time right before I go to sleep also, pretty fucking freaky.
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    Don't be afraid brother! It's been real bad for me before, even when you are in a statebetween full and sub conscious you have to remember you are always in control. IF I cannot move I try as hard as I can to wake up sometimes I will wake up into another dream oddly enough but if I keep at it I can eventually find my waay back to real world consciousness. Sleeping canbe scary when dreaming goes awry, just remember you can get back to the real world and you are in control of your dreams. I went through a spell in my life where I had a terrible time with sleep paralysis. If you'd like i'll happily tell ya all about it over PM. Good luck, you are going to be fine. Sleep is beautiful don't fear it!
  5. What makes you worried? It's not a sign of an underlying disease or anything, it's natural. I understand it is unpleasant to go through but worrying will only make it worse. 

    Stop thinking about it and move on, you're fine. If/when it does happen again you now understand that it is a normal thing that happens to healthy people so keep calm and it will go away quicker. 
  6. This
    it's completely normal, if u fall asleep faster should go away maybe do some deep breathing and relax!

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  7. You need to do stretches before you go to bed. These are all symptoms of sedentary activity. The more you stretch your muscles, the less your body will encounter this "sleep paralysis". Don't let the internent fool you into thinking that its a ghost holding you down when its really your body that is has itself in a resting position and your mind is wide awake.
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    When people are trying to Lucid dream they will experience sleep paralysis while awake.. This scary phase is what gets you into sleep or the dream dimension aha...Some have audio hallucinations during this process.. You must understand that everyone goes through it right before they fall asleep every night.. Nothing to be scared about :)
  9. Thanks for the responses guys. I feel a little relieved now. I'm just wondering, how come most of the sleep paralysis stories I read involve dark figures in the room with them? Sometimes growling and shit.. I can see why some people believe this is caused by aliens or demons or some shit. Luckily I don't think I saw or heard anything. Idk, it's really hard to remember. For me I think the weirdest part about it is not being able to speak and it feels like I can't breath. I'm probably going to sleep in an hour or so and if it starts happening again I'll definitely be posting here.
  10. Are there people on the internet really trying to convince you of that? I believe you are talking about when people get visual hallucinations, like the common old hag sighting, and talk about it. They understand it is not an actual ghost or demon but that is what they see. It is obviously a phenomonon that has something to do with fear and worry as people report it worse when they think about it. 
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    Wow this happened to me a few times a few years back woke up in the middle of the night and felt like sum one holding me down n couldent open my mouth to scream next thing i know its morning.. Never heard of this happening to any one else amazing..i never told any one fearing they would think im loco but i reckon it was a ghost definently a paranormal event..
  12. Someone told me of that happening to him. Woke up paralyzed with a demons face a foot away, yellow eyes staring deep into his eyes

  13. I'm sleeping with the covers up to my nose tonight...thanks guys...
  14. Around the same time that shit happened too me while me n my cuz n few of hiz mates were playing Olympics on ps2 stoned az tha ps2 froze n a demonic voice started saying evil things first really slow then eventually so fast u couldn't understand it we laughed wen it happened but tha more i think about tha more it freaks me out..any one had a similar expiriance?

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  15. I suffer from sleep paralysis often also, try falling asleep to some music. Sometimes I'll even read before bed, it makes me a lot more tired and that way I kinda just knock out and avoid the sleep paralysis.

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  16. Dreams my friend... Happen in another dimension....

    But nothing's ever perfect haven't you realized this yet? Earth turns on a tilted axis just doing the best it can.
  17. This happened to mr too idk if u seen my post
  18. Smoke a bowl before bed! It'll make you fall asleep faster and you probably won't get stuck in between

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  19. Your having an out of body experience via Astral Projection, look into the concept/ viability of this phenomenon, you should feel lucky, lots of people try hard and dont achieve the results you've experienced
    as easily or quickly. You can do many amazing and beneficial things with Astral Projection. I would urge you to learn about it online and learn to go with the flow and control it. Just remember not to be frightened or worried, you are not dying and no physical harm can come to you when leaving the gross physical body, stay calm and mentally relaxed, control your mind and fluttering thought.
  20. Your lucky man, i've been waiting for that to randomly happen to me.  I don't have the patience to induce a lucid dream otherwise lol.

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