Terrible feeling of regret

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  1. So there i was with my tongue up her ass, tasted like shit.
    Fuck boys, im freaking out, I fucked this girl with no rub last night, she said dont worry im on birth control. shit i was to busy in the moment to tell her no. And today all i can think about is, Man i fucked up big time. I broke the rules that i had set forth.

    ahhh i cant afford a mini me running around, neither can society.
    How effective is birth control? moral of the story, i will always wear a snakeskin, no acceptions
  2. You know you fucked up right?
  3. damn bro, hope it all works out for you
  4. ahhh.

    Been there, bro. It's hard to trust females when they start talking about birth control.

    But at this point, what else ya gonna do?
  5. Congratulations you just fucked up big time and now your life will be ruined once your spawn has awaken.
  6. even if they may be on Birth Control, don't trust them, you have less likely chance of getting her pregnant if you use the pull-out method. But in all. The best advice to give somebody that loves to fuck without worry: NO GLOVE, NO LOVE!
  7. 90% effective but it could lose it's effectiveness if she isn't consistent while on it.
    You should've just used a hat, seriously.

    Did you atleast nut outside her vaginal area
  8. This definitely isn't the response i was looking for. man thanks for rubbing it in guys
  9. If she is really on birth control, & is taking it "correctly"/doing everything she should be while using bc, it is 99% effective.
    If she was a shady bitch and lied to you, then I don't know what to tell you besides
    1.) Get tested.
    2.) Pray she isn't pregnant.
    3.) Don't make the same mistake again.

    Good luck. :)
  10. Its in my nature to laugh at the misfortunate.

  11. Just don't worry about it bro, what has been done, has been done. You had your fun, and now you might have to face responsibility. But until then, enjoy your freedom before when/if your spawn is born.
  12. You put your tongue in her ass, you deserved this hahaha

    Nah but really, that sucks man I've had a couple broken condoms happen to me in the past and I was so fricken scared
  13. Pulling out doesnt work all the time. Trust me.

  14. i never said it works all the time. haha
  15. whats up with all the ass licking lately ......
  16. I dunno, I think they're trying to outfreak me.
  17. supa freak, super freak-ayyyy
  18. best sig ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. idk starting think its more normal ? anyone use flavor lube when asss licking?

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