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Terrible dilemma

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by kevjeong, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. So I rolled like a 2 gram blunt for this upcoming concert but got an interview for a job in the morning of. My friend said that they drug test but I already smoked yesterday so should I not smoke during the concert or just smoke anyways since the last time I did it was yesterday anyways?
  2. smoke at the concert, you're gonna fail the drug test either way
  3. Well you already fucked yourself over already so maybe you should consider a little break.
  4. yeah, you're fucked. just smoke.
  5. smoke bro, ur already fucked
  6. I have no problem with taking a break but if I'm already fucked over, I want to smoke at the concert. Also, this probably doesn't help but it's a job at mcdonalds so hopefully they wont have good drug tests (but i'm fantasizing too much.)
  7. Smoke anyways. If you really need the job, go in and tell your manager or whoever you're probably going to fail; you used to chronically smoke until a week or two ago and you really need the job/have already begun sobering yourself up (reality of the situation is, you really will have to if you NEED the job. I guarantee you will get another drug test at a later date if the manager bites/can allow this.) Don't sweat it, just be honest. People dig that and can understand/relate
  8. Yea dude dont even take the test, fuck the job.
  9. Just smoke, but you can Google to see if McDonalds has a drug test. Simple search and could bring a lot of benefit :)
  10. Are you sure McD's have drug tests???
  11. my friend got hired there earlier this week and he said that they did during orientation. since the interview is on wednesday and the concert is wednesday night, and i smoked yesterday, i have no idea what to do.. lol
  12. Smoke the blunt. Get a straight edge friend to donate pee. PROBLEM SOLVED.
  13. well you could not smoke.. and then drink a shit load of water so it dilutes your urine.. might work
  14. Troll
  15. honestly man come clean with your employer and tell them you were smoking for anxiety up until a week ago and you slowly stopped and that you will pass in 2 weeks because youare not smoking anymore. then smoke the blunt and run alot and drink alot of water for the next 2 weeks
  16. Just substitute the urine with someone else who has clean urine. They aren't going to go in the bathroom with you and watch you urinate.
  17. McDonald's doesn't even test?
  18. Wow, the answer(s) is so obvious....
  19. Smoke away. I worked at McD's and they never tested any of us to hire or while working. Yours may be different. If it is you're fucked so you may as well just smoke.

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