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  1. I just lost almost my whole crop to termites all my clones practically and now my big sativa mother I was cleaning it up around the stem and saw the little white ant looking bugs I killed the ones I caught then sprayed pesticide had too and now I found something that said they don't like water to flood my medium this year is shot I lost almost very thing I was growing I was thinking about flooding the medium too I really have to stop them or I'll have wasted almost a year on that outdoor crop . I can't be the only one who got hit with termites this year I didn't get em last year but I put out one plant at a time and they wer only out there for the flower cycle last year this year they sat in that spot almost all year cause I was trying to reduce my power use.i put six out there all a week apart last year and didn't get termites the only thing I did different this year was put em outside to veg and bloom naturally.

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  2. Mid western ontario canada here, no termites, early frost though.
  3. My meds are grown outside, lost three to termites this year. They were the one's that were more shaded, got less light than the others.

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