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Terence Mckenna - The universe's best kept secret.

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by OpenMindFields, May 21, 2011.

  1. Somebody has to be on board with me when I say he's onto something, he's got it. Whatever "it" is, he has the know-how of what's what...

    Just finished watching his "Taxonomy of illusions" lecture on youtube, wonderful, so down to earth and real.

    Anybody else open their mind by listening to Mckenna, however big or small the dose?
  2. Nobody... Empty minded fools :p
  3. I enjoy what he has to say definitely. The only thing I don't really agree with is his dependence on herbs for answers. They can certainly help tremendously, but I find most of my answers completely sober, during meditation. Ultimately, it is because of hallucinogens that he created these amazing realisations though, and for that, I thank him eternally. Your energy is upon us all Terence. You will not be forgotten. :)
  4. ^ I disagree.

    Look up his "Meditation vs. Hallucinogens" speach..

    Terence is getting at one specific thing that the shamanistic perspective of psychedelics is looking at, and if you spend enough time reading of him and listening to him, you realize that he was on the cusp of something.

    Something very real, and only something that one person out of the entire planet figured out.
  5. Mckenna is absolutly briliant at spinning insane and sensational ideas while taking any reasonable theory he comes up with and running to the ridiculous extreme with it.
  6. the best kept secrets usually
    are never revealed, : (
    darn smart intellectuals
  7. Have you ever wondered, that maybe.. just maybe.. he was just fried from all the psychedelics?
  8. "fried" is not real good sire
  9. you get fried from hard drugs, not psychedelics, natural ones anyways

    what are your top 10 lectures? i have a bunch downloaded and don't know where to start
    check out psychedelic salon anyways
  10. Top ten? Man, well the good of the good. When you have time.

    Under the Teaching Tree. It's long, but a very good one. Also the Light of nature.

    You MUST listen to Eros and the Eschaton on mushrooms. Trust me, Terence was onto something, it's so crazy that it just might work.

    Just be loaded when you listen to him, because you really grasp what he's doing.

    I've spend hours listening and reading to him, and some of his associates, it's all this inside underground thing, it's a lifeboat strategy almost out of our situation.
  11. You have to listen to what he says the psychedelics do.

    He's a man that has something to say. And he explains the psychedelic phenomena very well.
  12. I just love Terence Mckenna
  13. He changed my views on life completely,

    Brilliant man he is, just brilliant

  14. I imagine this to be his area of experience expertise.

    I'm glad others enjoy him, to me it seems he makes obvious yet somewhat flawed arguments and frames it in an abstract way. I'm sure he has some good ideas I would like to hear, however, I'm not sure if I want to go looking for them.
  15. Seemingly relevant :smoke:

  16. Terence is a brilliant guy...I would not say he is the best thinker in this field though. Believe me, though, I do understand how he is really 'onto something,' that people may not see.

    However, I would strongly recommend you look into reading the work of Timothy Leary and John Lily. Both of these guys were leading pioneers in the psychedelic field, as well, but they laid out all of their thoughts in much more all-encompassing ways, extending far beyond psychedelics in and of themselves.

  17. "The best" is subjective, so let's forget that stuff. McKenna's work lives on and is integral to people discovering themselves through other means, including psychadelics and philosophy as a whole. I would enjoy living a life like he did.
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    Of course it's subjective..."I would not say." I'm not saying anyone is the best or not the best objectively..."I would say," AKA in my opinion, McKenna is a brilliant guy, but I prefer Tim Leary and John Lily.
  19. Where can I listen to his lectures? And where should I start? I've been meaning to learn more about him.


  20. Psychedelic Salon podcast. Best place to start for sure.
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