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  1. How much tequila would I need to drink to feel good? I don't drink often and I have a bottle of "100 % agave tequila" it is 375 ml and 80 proof. Obviously i dont drink much ;)
  2. haha it's 40% alcohol, so it's your basic hard liquor.

    Personally, i'm a sucker for hard liquor, puts me on the floor in a few shots.

    i'd be betting on 4 ounces (or shots) since you don't drink much. to "feel good".
  3. ok thanks :) now how many shots is 375 ml ?
  4. Phh that's math. You're on your own.
  5. one shot is approximately 45ml, or 1.5 fluid oz.
  6. Haha my bad.

    a shots a shot, i always assumed it was one ounce. I don't mix drinks or any shit like that anyways.
  7. mmmm... i say drink it all... but thats just me.... and i love my hard alcohol.... :) if your a light drinker, 375 ML should be plenty to get u fairly drunk.... i usually consume anywhere from 375-750(maybe a full liter if im feelin froggy...)mililiters if im drinking
  8. Depends on what size shot glass you're talking about. The standard shot (called a jigger) is 1.25 oz. (where the line is on a 'real' shot glass. If you fill it to the top, you've got 1.5 oz.) There are also 5/8 oz. shot glasses (which is half a standard shot), 1 oz. shot glasses and 1.5 oz. shot glasses. Then again, there are also the novelty shot glasses... I have one that holds about 4 oz.

    Basically, shots are broken down to 'counts'... each count is about .25 oz. or 1/3 of a second of free flowing liquor. With a pour spout inserted in the bottle, you flip the bottle straight up and down with the pour spout aimed into the glass. Counting '1-2-3, 4-5-6' (which should take about 2 seconds) you'll have poured yourself a full 1.5 oz. shot.

    I've practiced pouring a whole 750 ml bottle by counted shots, and I get between 27 and 30 6-count shots, so out of a 375 ml bottle you should get around 14 or 15 shots. :cool:
  9. no less than 20 shots.

    no but seriously, i had a bad experience with tequila (27 shots throughout 3 hours). i don't touch the stuff anymore.
  10. If you've got 20 shots in a 375 ml bottle, you're pouring small shots.

  11. Yeah well it's only 1.5oz in technical terms I guess (volume of a shot glass), but I believe most people take shots closer to 1oz. So you're right as well.
  12. yeah well i just learned that tequila tastes like shit. never again. thanks for all the help though guys :)
  13. oh haha, well i thought you knew that.

    You need a couple limes and some salt, buddy.

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