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  1. Hello Blades, i am new to indoor and just started my tent my temps are 70 in the tent but about 80 under the light will 80 be ok ?
  2. Yeah that'll work well. Try to keep it in the upper 70's-very low 80's
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    78 is my max temp with my co2. I normally run between 72-78. Nights at 65. Chemdawg is not a fan of the heat. got above 80 last week when my fan died; slight twist and burn developed on my fans. I also keep my lights very close. My recommendation is to not run in 80s unless you run CO2. Just in case you have temp fluctuations outside your space.
  4. Yea, you should be ok. I usually try for 75 to 80 daytime.
  5. Best question to always ask yourself. Would you be comfortable in it?

    To answer yours, yes it's fine.

    As far as temp and humidity questions go, whatever is comfortable for you will work for your plants =]
  6. Thanks guys I turned my fan up I was only running it at 10% now they seem to be around 78 and look good , what should the humidity be in the tent mine was at 73% ? Thanks in advance !
  7. 40-70% depending on the stage. 3-4 weeks into flower i work my way down to 40-50%
  8. How do you control humidity in a tent ?
  9. First try to not over water. Dehumidifier/humidifier and/or exhaust fans control your environment. Automation is more costly but worth it. You can do it manually with digital timers but you should be able to take reading with a closed tent to pick up patterns and adjust from there. Opening the tent changes the dynamic of your space and wastes valuable light.
  10. Ventilation is key.
  11. Thanks guys I bought a really good fan and filter so that should help .
  12. Turned fan up opened vents and put oscelating fan in tent and temps are at 73 thanks Blades will try to post pics as soon as i get a chance .
  13. You should be able to run higher temps with CO2 without having issues, but you have already answered your own question about the strain that you are running... if you are seeing problems over 80* even with CO2, then don't go above that. I have been able to run mine up to 88* without having any problems in a tent for light on temps, and gets down to 65-70 for night time. My normal range is usually from 65-80 right now, and in summer goes 70-85 or so... just try to watch your plants, and give them what they want.

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