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  1. Greetings

    I have a 3x3x7 tent. What's the best way to light this bad boy? LED, CFL... I'm open to any suggestions.
    Looking to grow 2-3 plants.

    Thank you.
  2. What is your budget ?
  3. around 250
  4. You will need about 300 watts LED for the tent
    start with something like this
    FRAMEWORK - Page 1 - Timber Grow Lights

    You can get your cost to about $1 a watt if you go DIY, but if you are not into that then just start with the money you have and add more later.
  5. You can buy 2 mars 300 watt leds for that one for each plant
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  6. I was looking at a few of those, I found one on sale for half cost! It says true watt is only 132watt. So would I have to get 2 or 3?

  7. One per plant should do good
  8. I have 2 1200s for just one plant in a room a little bigger than yours but my plants 4 feet tall and 41/2 feet wide lol
  9. If you want to go the led route, I have heard decent things with the mars. With the 300 , You could order 4 and still be under budget. That would be 500+watts at the wall. That would over be 50w/sqf.
  10. What if I were to just buy two lights for two plants but then I would top these plants to get them bushy- would that be a suitable set up?

    Much thanks
  11. Well, you could go 1 per plant. But if they get bushy & wide, the more light the better. Thought with a 250 budget, 4 would be great. Only use 2 in veg, and then use the other 2 during flower when they get big. But I have seen many nice harvests with only 2 in a tent. I use a t5 during veg and am hps for flower. Leds run cooler temps.
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  12. I think I'll start with two and if things go decent I'll get another pair and do what you recommended. Thanks y'all!
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