Tent grow in attached garage attic

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    I have a two car garage attached to my house that has a small covered hole that leads up into the attic of the garage and the house as well.(I'm only one who could make it up there) My garage is not insulated , walls or ceiling, basically just beams above the ceiling. My question is with the temp being in the low thirties average at night, would it be too cold to have it set up above the garage?( would the air passing thru the tent be to cold another words) Secondly since above the garage isn't insulated I believe an inline fan could barely be heard, but could still catch someone's attention. How can I cut down on the noise being heard through the thin attic ceiling.
  2. You can sit ur fan in a box that has insulation in it. Jus cut a hole for ur pipes on both sides. And I think you attic will be too cold without doing a big reno on it with insulation and some kind of heat source. And in the summer I guess they get to hot with out a AC going and you would want to insulate then too. Sent from my SGH-I747M using Grasscity Forum mobile app

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