Tent full of: Buddz 83's Perpetual OG/LSD/SLH, and more - Fox Farm Style

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  1. Whats up GC? My previous thread was indexed inproperly, so I figured I would clean it up, cut out the BS and start fresh.

    Space: 48"x48"x76" Tent
    Ventilation: 6" Inline Fan With Carbon Filter- 500CFM, 12" Oscillating Desk Fan, Flaps Closed, 4" Passive Ducting Intake
    Lighting: 1000 Watt Hortiulux Bulb, Magnetic Ballast, 6" Air Cooled Hood
    Temps: 74off/79on
    RH: 50-55%

    Space: 20"x36"x62" Tent
    Ventilation: 4" Inline Fan, 4" Oscillating Clip Fan, Flaps Open
    Lighting: 1-65w6500k CFL, 2-23w6500k CFLs, 1-23w5000k CFL, 1-23w2700k CFL
    Temps: 75-80
    RH: 55-60%

    Started: Light Warrior, 10oz.
    Final: 25% Light Warrior / 75% Ocean Forest, 3gal.

    Fox Farm Trio
    Fox Farm Solubles
    Fox Farm Sledge Hammer
    CaMg (as needed)
    pH Up & Down
    Tap Water, 90ppm


    In Flower-
    (3)OG, Bagseed from California - Perpetual
    (1)White Widow, Dinafem (Freebie) - Single Run
    (1)Burmese Kush, TH Seeds (Freebie)- Single Run
    (1)SourAK, G13 Labs (Freebie) - Single Run

    In Veg-
    (2)OG, Bagseed from California - Perpetual
    (2)LSD, Barney's - Perpetual
    (1)Super Lemon Haze, Green House Seeds - Perpetual

    I run an EC/ppm between 1.6/800 and 2.2/1100 starting at flowering(12/12), alternating between plain pH'ed water and nutrients, every other. Mist 2x/day while in flower, 4x/day while in veg.
  2. Here is a look at the flowering tent setup on July 27th:


    Misc. background info:

    All OG's are clippings from OG#1, my first plant @ 12/12

    Beginning June 24th I added one plant into the flowering tent weekly. Until I had six plants in the tent, at which point I wait to add until I harvest my first lady, to add more.

    All plants were less than a month from seed/cutting when entering the tent. Now that things are coming along, I am allowing my plants to veg to a more healthy point, five to six weeks or so.

    A couple weeks back my house tap water's pH began fluctuatting dramatically. I neglected to test the pH when I was using plain water. I "knew" that 4 drops would get me to 6.5 exactly.

    Since this experience I have began diligently making a note of every ounce that goes in, and that comes out. That has allowed me to closely monitor the level of salt saturation in my soil as well as pH.

    I am now contemplating adding 1Tbsp/gal of lime to the soil mix. I have heard this could eliminate a lot of problems with Ocean Forest's low pH.

    Unfortunately my harddrive crashed and I lost my grow log. Fortunately I was able to use GC to get back on track!:gc_rocks:

    Needless to say, I covered my harddrive in magnets, soaked it in dish soap for hours and then cooked it in my oven at 200. I am still hesitant to dispose of it though.:(
  3. These three girls were affected by the pH fluctuation the most: OG#1, BK & WW. They might have gotten bad water two or three times(pH in the low 5's)..

    White Widow - On 8/10, 27 days from seed 36 days of 12/12,


    OG#1 - On 8/12, 26 days from seed, 50 days of 12/12



    Burmese Kush - On 8/10, 37 days from seed, 41 days of 12/12



    OG#3 - On 8/6, 31 days since cutting, 17 days of 12/12, This is the girl that made me realize I had a pH problem. She was lush and beautiful, and then I found one bad leaf, and that was the end of it:D

  4. Subb'd and watching that BK. 
  5. Thanks for following me over here MeanMclean!

    Despite being in flower for a week less than OG, BKs Tric production has recently jumped past OG. She can not compare to OG's size, but I am liking the fact that she flowers in seven and a half weeks!

    I need some smoke...:smoke:
  6. Looking great man! This setup is exactly what I'd like to do when I get my own place. Keep up the good work. :D

  7. Thanks Savage:hello:... I have pretty much done every ventilation arrangement possible to get my temps to where they are... Being in the back of a closet also posed a few challenges.
  8. What's up Buddz.
  9. Whats up man, glad you made it on over here...

    I have one Super Lemon Haze that I am experimenting with, in a Bubblebucket...Using Canna nutes. I started her off at 300ppm (90tap/40CaMg/170Bio Vega) and she almost died on me. I flushed the system and just gave her plain water @5.8, because she was still very young (10 days). I figured I'd just let her do her thing, and I waited three days without any damage, or any real growth at that either..

    Three days later I check the pH, we are at 7.2... I lowered that shit to 5.5.. checked back in an hour, up to 6.5 again. Then I recall a thread on hydroponics, and the buffering agents etc. Its now stabilized at 5.5 and within a couple hours it is amazing how she responded!!

    Loving life and wanting to grow!

    I am three days on the patch now, no more cigarettes. You have no idea how that one vice tears at me mentally, and physically. I hate them, and when I smoke, they control me! I always want one, but then when I light it, I want it over... Now THATS insanity;):wave: j/k but either way, I feel amazingly better, which I knew I would because I always do when I quit.

    The new fond freedom and time has made me, guess what, focus on my grow more:D
  10. Plants look amazing, just hoping my OG turns out nice like yours. I got 12 clones in my 5 x 5 right now. How long did your OGs veg for? That plant looks pretty badass.

  11. Hey man, That OG was 26 days from seed when I put her into 12/12. That includes taking clones from her and she also suffered some pH issues. I can't wait until her babies get big:D She has some nice sized colas already and definitely 2-3 more weeks to go. Bitter sweet.
  12. Very very nice! Mine vegged for about the same amount of days, if they're close to 2 feet am I on the right track?
  13. yeah, but you may run into some height issues is you do not plan on training her, LST/Scrog etc. OG tends to be a tad stretchy
  14. Sounds good, I had supercropped them in the beginning and I have a good amount of height space. I hear that OG Kush is known to of PM problems about 4 weeks into flowering. Have you experienced that yet? Thanks for the advice and keep up the great work with the grow!
  15. PM problems? sorry not sure what u mean....
  16. Powdery Mildew, apparently it's a problem most people have unless theres really good circulation.
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    None whatsoever.... I guess 500cfm (26x the minimum) and a 12" fan is enough. my humidity usually runs 50-55% and no problems...

    Having that pH issue really did mess with me though. Really makes it hard for me to know what is going on, because so many different symptoms arise, and its hard to know which is caused by what. And its not like they respond as quickly as they do in hydro. So its hard to know sometimes...

    For instance:

    I gave pH of 5.5 unknowingly, along with supplementing with CaMg when the plant had not assimilated following its transplant into a larger container. Being that this was a very healthy plant prior, and very minimal had been done to her it was pretty easy to realize that my pH on plain watering days was off, in the low 5's. I quickly flushed this plant and hit her with a complete fertilizer, but no CaMg(As I thought it could be nutrient lockout from supplementing with CaMg too early). My tap water is 90ppm. "they" say, at 140 you do not need to add calcium. I added 1tsp at first, not realizing thats equal to 320ppm.

    Ten days later, the older and middle leaves are showing what appears to be a calcium deficiency. This plant came from a half gallon container and has only been in this 3 gallon container for about 3-4 weeks. Ive heard Ocean Forest should have enough Calcium for 6 weeks. Unless the calcium is locked out from excess salt? Can too much calcium lockout calcium? Or is the spotting I am seeing now from the pH problem 7-10 days ago? Can they continue to show, even after being corrected for that long?

    When I watered her with fertilizer tonight, her runoff was 2-300 higher than what I gave her, the pH in was 6.8, the runoff was 5.3!!!

    Sorry if this sounds all over the place, I just wanted to supply as much info as possible and see what you all had to say... Thanks in advance for any help!
  18. Here is a pic... after typing that all out I decided that the fact that there was still a 2-300 difference in the runoff ppm and it the pH was so low, that there was a buildup of salts. Perhaps I was flushing too quickly and not allowing the salts to dissolve properly.

    I am putting two gallons of Sledge Hammer, 2tsp/gal, through her, followed by 2 two gallons of plain pHed water @6.6, then I will check the runoff and go from there!

    I figure, when in doubt, its better to be safe than sorry!

    I thought a calcium deficiency would show itself in younger leaves first?

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  19. I'm sub'd. nice setup.
  20. So whats the CFM on tha fan, is pulling air through the filter, then pushing it through the hood and then exhausting?

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