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  1. Iight guys I just started a grow room in the top of a 4ft x 3ft closet, and got 4 plants under cfls about 480 true watts. But im kinda worried about my temps, it stays about 80-85 most all the time unless i open it and cool it off for a few hours while the lights are off. Ive got a 8 inch fan blowing on each side of the plants. Are these temps ok? They just sprouted and looking great, just curious about the temps.
  2. 85 is a bit too high. I would try and get your max around 80. Between 70-80 is ideal, the closer to the middle the better.
  3. Also, my humidity stays about 50-60, is that ok also?
  4. That's on the high side of what I usually run in veg, but will work fine. For flowering, you'll want to get it down to 30-40 to prevent mold and increase resin production.
  5. As for my humidity, there was something on the back of the gauge that was interfering, its actually 40. I don't think I'm going to be able to get the temp down any further without installing a air duct. This is my first grow so i maybe making some changes later but I'm gonna see what happens.
  6. really? ive read on here that up to 90 is fine.
  7. AH! I'd personally never go above 82. 75-78 is best imo.
  8. After I adjusted my temp gauge its reading 78 and humidity 42. Im going to stick with it, they look great so I don't think its making much difference. Ok another ? When do you start counting days old? When you start germination or when you plant your sprouts? And from that day how long before they need feed? My soil has nitrogen and a few other nuts in it.
  9. the up to 90 makes sense to me...I mean these plants naturally grow in hot climates

    anyone have an opinion?
  10. 75 is the perfect temp but anything from 70-80 is ok.. just not perfect.

  11. Opinion? No, but I have some facts. If you're not using CO2, 70-80 is the ideal operating temps. If you are using CO2 in a closed setup, 80-90 are your ideal temps. Will they grow at 90...sure, but don't come back here asking why your plants are stretched and your buds are fluffy.

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