Temps to cold? or perfect?

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  1. Well.. ive recently made a hole new flowering room and my temps are around 75 high when the lights on and a 60 low when off? and humidity is 35%- 65% is it bad for them to be getting in the 60s?
  2. Nope. you got it on the money!
  3. Anything under 60 would be getting a little cold.
  4. It hasnt droped below 61 and my max temp has been 77
  5. damm thats prime.im runnin a/c 24/7, 70 low 82 high, trying to get what u have lol
  6. 82 isn't bad not ideal but not bad yet at 85 is when I would be working on getting it lower. As for lows 60 is the lowest I would go for indoors.
  7. When is your humidity at its highest of 65%? I would work on getting that down. Warm enviroments plus high humidity is a breeding ground for mold. 30-50% humidity is a good range.
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    That's great temps for growing purple haze ! All ur leaves during flowering will turn purple !
    Humidity is only an issue when it's too high so like the above poster said u need to bring it down to at least 55% during the flowering stage or u gonna run into lots of mold problems .

    I use a small dehumidifier that I got from eBay for $30 keeps it down to around 45-50% like that has my standard is 60-65%
  9. Way to revive a 2 year old thread guys
  10. Come on dude we r stoners , we Procrastinate way before doing something that's why it took so long for all of us to answer hahha
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