Temporary Lighting Solution

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by swiftymc, Mar 23, 2006.

  1. Will a normal 75watt light bulb work as a temporary solution until I am able to get around to getting a flourecent bulb?
  2. No, you need at least a floro to do anything.
  3. Dont all you folks get tired of the questions of incadescent bulbs ok for growing? I'd say "yes" let them learn, what did people do in the 70's 80's and early 90's do before the internet THEY fricken read books or just tried and experimented stuff, you folks have the WHOLE fricken internet to read,search and read some more but yet you choose to post away and ask these questions that can be easily found and question answered if ya only search and read, so to that ya use your incadescent and let us know how much ya yield off the stalk, this site is getting humorous, most of it it kid's trying to grow in parents homes and such, anyways why dont you wait to get the supplies you need before you start? That would be the smart thing to do because I see you over nuting and overwatering in the future because of your approach at growing man ya gotta think it through before ya start, ya need to read alot also, before can think about growing, knowledge is great. Oh and why you put your car up here, like it's a (he loves his car, let it be...shade)...
  4. what is your problem. you only ever leave negative comments.
  5. HIGH All, Quader I ask you nicely the first time Yesterday to respect All members here.
    In case you didn't read it the first time.

    Quader dude relax..if you see a post you don't like "Please" don't post...and if you do "Please" be respectful....this is what The City Thrives on.

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