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  1. My box is running around 84-87f. I think it made them grow a little better with the temp increase. What kind of feedback can you give me on my temp theory? What is ok temps to grow?
  2. got google?
  3. No i dont think my computer gets that page.. Yeah i got effin google, but i asked a whole forum of people who have been in the same instances for a reason. Thanks for being a smart ass i needed that.Smfh......
  4. thats about as simple a standard question with no special stuff to be considered as it gets, exactly the kind of thing that any search engine will give you better answers for than asking here, not to mention its much faster.
  5. Get your temps down to 75 to 80 daytime temps. Anywhere down to 65 is good at night.

    84 is a little too hot and 87 is really pushing it indoors. High temps can result in spindly low yielding buds. Sometimes you wont notice a huge difference until flower.

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