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  1. What temperature should your grow room be? I am in a basement so it might be kindof cold like around 60 at night? Is that to caold should i heat it up? Or will the lights above the plant keep it warm enough?
  2. Its pretty cool here in Australia atm. I have a couple of plant's under a 600watt HPS and depending how close I have it to the plants it raises the tempreture about 15F. Its' about 60 with the light of and 75 with the light on about 4ft above the plants
  3. 70-85 during day

    65-75 at night
  4. ^What he said... 60 at night is kinda cold, maybe if you run your lights at night and have dark time during the day it'll warm up some
  5. I would try to keep the max temp under 80*F.

    Running lights overnight to help keep your grow warm above 60*F is a good idea.
  6. ur right. lets just have a machine that keeps everything exactly @ 74F.

    but in absence of that machine, between 60-85 are decent ranges.

    on the outsides of those, ur asking for problems...
  7. Thankyou for the tips, I hope that my pants grow
  8. Plants thrive in temperatures as high as 95F, with nights over 80--every been in a cornfield in the middle of summer?
    Any night time temperature above freezing is acceptable. However, fastest growth and highest yields require warm nights. Night temps from 70 to 85 are ideal.
    If your humidity is very high, then lower the high temp from 95 to 90 or, better, 85, if you can. If your humidity is very low, raise the low temps into the 50s if you can.

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