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  1. my temperature in the growing box is too hot .. there is any way that i can make it cooler ?
    please help :confused:
  2. fans, ac, evaporative coolers.
  3. The key to temperature control is air circulation. You need to exhaust hot air while drawing in cool air. This is most effectively done with fans and duct.

    Alternately you could add an air conditioner.
  4. Ok, i got two fans, one exhausting air and the second drawing in air ..
    the plant is moving a lot , is it ok ?

  5. The leaves can be fluttering slightly, shouldn't be moving a lot.
  6. ^^^ yea, that should make its stems stronger, in nature, the air rarely just sits still

    EDIT: N 15 beat me to my own edit haha, i was going to say, yea it shouldn't be like a hurricane in there tho...just a breezy blow and leaves moving around a bit

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