Temperature speed fan controller?

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  1. Does anyone know if there is a fan speed controller that goes off temp?

    Like as the room.gets hotter the fan puts out more cfm but as temp gets lower it alows down the fan?
  2. There are a number of options. The most simple would probably be something like this.

    I use this, which controls both a heater/cooler and a humidifier, though I find the humidifier is only rarely used.

    Neither of these slow or speed fans, they just turn them on or off depending on temps. I have seen inline valves that gradually open or close based on desired temps but it involved a more complex setup. They're used for rooms hooked up to a central system that need finer tuning.
  3. Yeah i was only finding those temp controllers but those are just on/off. Im looking for what you said was more complex. A controller that actually varies the speed along with temp.

    Guessing it would be expensive but its always worth asking.
  4. I don't think so....at least not that I know of. You could wire up a switch through a thermostat and get your fan to come on when it gets hot, but I don't know of anything to handle the speed of the fan to cover the heat. Doesn't mean it doesn't exist....maybe I just have never heard of it. LOL Not sure why you're worried about the fan speed. Let the thing blow and move that heat out away from your plants. TWW
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  5. Is your goal to always keep some level of air introduction...like to deal with humidity?

    I'm about to step up my climate control setup so that I have a high/low temperature controller (two devices) and the same for a rH control.

    I'll be able to...

    Activate a heater at a designated low temp and a fan when it gets to a designated high temp.
    Activate a humidifier at a designated low rH and a fan at a designated high rH.

    Sure they'll kind of compete with each other at times but it'll probably only be in narrow ranges.
  6. Just looking to save electricity where ever possible. Its ok though.
  7. I'll bet that if you replace 1 or more lightbulbs in your house with cfls or leds you'll do better than managing fan speed.

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