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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by robby.toney, Jul 22, 2007.

  1. hey guys, i just switched to my 600 watt hps light from my T5's and the heat of my room has become an issue...with doors closed and fans running it seems to stay around 85-90 degrees, but with the door open and more fans i can keep it in the high 70s...which do you think i should do? will a lower temperature benefit me in any way?
  2. Your ideal temperture should be 28 degrees. i have known some strands to surive in temperatures up to 35, but 70 to 80 degrees will just burn those girls away!!
  3. Maybe i got your post wrong earlier i thought you were talking about Degrees celcius.
    Sorry mate!
  4. its all good man, i appreciate the response nonetheless...but yea fahrenheit for sure lol
  5. It is very possible for MJ to survive in higher temps as long as there is good ventilation, although there is a very good possibility that it might hermie of turn out male, girls like the lower temps. My girls started out at those high temps and it didn't effect them at all. I bought an AC unit and keep the door to my closet slightly open, you must be weary of the light shining through, those lamps are very bright.
  6. best advice would be to get a 140 cfm,,, squirrel cage fan,,,, and vent the heat out.....

    or tap into your central a/c/ unit and run a 4'' hose into your grow room,,,

    theres a lot of things you can do,,,, but the cfm inline fan is the best ticket,,,

    i live in a mobile home,,, and used to vent it right under the trailer....

    just remember that all grow equipment aint cheap,,, but it's a one time investment,,,, mine costed about $130.00 //// and worth every penny...
  7. I have flowered at 85 degrees and had ok results without co2. Just have good ventilation like said before.
  8. as long as it isent too noisy you can always add more fans. too cold is better than too hot. I have 3 fans running on 4 plants under a foot tall right now. It's a chilly 80F even right under the light. The noise is so low, you'd have to listen to hear it at all and even then you would prolly think it's just the AC in the house.

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