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  1. I have a grow tent that just barely fits inside my walk-in closet. So there is very little space on the sides of the tent.
    The temperature inside the tent averages around 86-89 degrees. Obviously that is way too high, but I am having problems getting it down.
    The fan is connected to the light by ducting which connects to the carbon filter with ducting as well.
    Unfortunately, the fan is installed in the back of the closet. So it kind of just hits the wall and I suppose is just getting trapped. The best solution is probably to just move the fan, just need to determine a way to install it somewhere else.
    The grow tent has other openings which I have opened, but I've noticed that opening the unused ones actually makes it more hot in there.

    Does anybody have any suggestions (besides moving the fan) on how to lower this temperature?

    - Will opening the front help or am I just losing light?

    To illustrate my setup, here are some pictures:

    - The ducting setup

    - The amount of space in the back, the opening is where the fan blows out. Approximately 1/2 meter from the wall to the tent.

    Thank you all for your time.

    - dustynegro
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  3. does the closet door stay closed?
    I have my tent in my closet w/ a 400w mh/hps and the dang thing heats up my whole bedroom by about 4 or 5 degrees.
    That closet is going to stay hot unless that air can go someplace else...can you open the closet door to let the air go into the rest of the room?
    Do you have A/C?
  4. Have you no extractor??
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    Mine's says it's 4x4x8. However, I measured it out to be 5x5x8. It's made by SunHut.
    The light is also 400w.

    I actually have the closet door open. It's just such a confined space that it's so easy for heat to get trapped in there.

    I will try to move the fan somewhere closer to the front of the tent and report back with my results.
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    The only way to get the tent temperature down is to lower the temperature of the intake air coming into the tent. This means either venting the hot air completely outside of the closet into another enclosed space, or cooling the hot air being exhausted into the closet by the tent.

    Exhausting the hot air somewhere else is the cheapest and easiest solution. Just make sure whatever hot air you move out can't get back in and you'll be golden.
  7. your air intake needs to be twice the size of the output.

    This will drop your temps some

    also turn your air conditioning down. my place is at 70

    as already mentioned, port your exhaust away from the box. even a few feet towards the door would work.

    make sure you exhaust is at the top, and your intake is at the bottom.

    don't pump your exhaust on the floor or near your intake.

    Keep the heat up. (i know it rises naturally, but helping it keep the ground cool and temps down)
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  8. All,

    I shut off the fan and did some reconfiguration by moving the fan to an opening closer to the front sort of funnelling the air to the front of the tent.
    The temperature was 88 degrees F. I turned the fan on and within 3 minutes, it went down to 83 :eek:.
    What a difference that makes.

    So yeah the lesson of the day for all the beginner closet growers like myself: get that hot air out of there!!!

    It's now down to 80. :)

    - dustynegro
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