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  1. Hi i am having a temp problem at tge moment the highest i have seen my temp is at 90.2 F the thermonitor is on the top of the pots i have a 125 mm extractor and a 100 mm intake i installed the intake yesterday thinking it would drop my temps but tgey still high i have a 400 watt metal haild in at the moment on 18/6 but once i put my 600 W hps in the temps are gona go even higher has any one had to deal with this need help thanks
  2. you need a portable ac, or a window unit ac in the room your box is in.
  3. What are your ambient temps?

    The temp you should be measuring is probably higher than your thermometer shows because it should be at plant-top height, not on the pots.

    Your fans are inadequate. You would be better off using that intake fan as another exhaust fan -- you can't push air into the box any faster than the exhaust can remove it, but you can make the overall exhaust move more/faster. But if your ambient temps are too high it won't matter anyway, you can only cool the space down by moving cooler air in fast enough.
  4. Ok ill going to try a few things and if i have to looks like an ac unit
  5. Just to let you know my MH puts out a lot more heat than my hps, so you might be ok.
  6. Watch out for the temps. Once you go above 85 the plants start to stunt there growth. As you get higher you can kill it or cause some leaf burns.

    If its 90 at the pot its probably considerably higher at the plants top. Take your temp probe and place it on something or tape it to a stick. I use long cardboard tube thats narrow duct taped. I keep mine a little higher then plant top to give me some room with temps.

    You will want to increase your exhaust and intake somehow. Get the air flowing. You might want to consider also a duct system for your light to draw hot air off it.
  7. Yeh i were thinking about a cool tube so is that true then metal halide are hoter than a hps ? If thats great

  8. Not sure about that. I just use HPS all the way through. Got a 400w Air Cooled Tube.

    I thought about putting a MH bulb in but my exhaust Carbon Filter are hooked up on one end fan on the other to much a pain in the butt to disconnect it all.

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  9. Think better off investing in a ac unit the only thing about them is the cost to run them quite hight at 4K
  10. Changing your grow box or grow tent getting that cool with fans would be cheaper then a AC.

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