Temp raise with 600w hps (not cooled) at winter

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Dendrophile1111, Dec 25, 2022.

  1. Im growing in budget indoor organic, no ph adjust, no ventilation, growing in room. I can open then doors for some fresh air, and also have a big fan.

    Im waiting for my 600w not cooled with reflector.

    Temps outside are 6-10 Celsius.

    Do you think lamp will raise temperature to more than 27-30 celsius?

    I cant ventilate the room, growing with minimum budget, I dont expect that much yield, I mainly do it to pass some free time on my village at winter time.

    Please give me some helpful tips, its been a long time.
  2. yes . Depending on how big your room is . Those lamps are heaters .
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  3. you need a fan anything will do most use a $5.00 desktop even a diy pc fan, for a 600w hps a min of a 6 inch desktop is needed, its required to blow off the excess 02 in favor of fresh c02
    many misunderstand the heat emitted be warned
    constant attention will be needed for a few days until you are ok with not burning down the place
  4. i have the same setup i run 2 of them and when its cold outside the room temp stays around 75f but you will need a heater at lights out
  5. Can use a heater or run those autos 24/7
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  6. One 600w in a standard sized bedroom should not over heat the area. I guess it depends on where you live, but I’ve run one in bedrooms before and heat was not an issue. good advice on the fan.

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