Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by griff, Aug 22, 2002.

  1. i can't get below 90 , ihave a 600 watt hid lamp its40 inchs away from my babys,will i get a good yield or should i forget it and get a 400 watt bulb?
  2. gonna struggle at 90! ideally the temp needs to be in the 70's, presumably you have some sort of ventilation system?
    What are you covering the inside of the grow room with? Paint, foil, mylar, plastic?
  3. i have white paint and foil dull side and a fan should i drop my wattage i only have two small plants?
  4. Try getting rid of the foil first, if the walls are painted white, thats better for reflecting the light than foil anyway. If it does not reduce the temp then yes go for smaller wattage. In fact a 250 watt will do for two.
    good luck
  5. hey man he's right temp makes one hell of a difference my closet setup stayed at 95 to 100 and my plants stayed at 2 inches for a week..well i moved them to my crawl space and they are really humping now and i'm getting an inch a day out of them...it's 73 in the new room..SO COOL THEM BABIES AND THEY WILL GROW LIKE CRAZY!!!

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