temp issues still

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by d3k, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. So, i just purchased a 1000w HPS lamp with coolsun reflector. Just recently upgraded from cfls.

    So here is the scenario. I have my light up top of my cab [4.5'wx4.5'dx8'h].

    i have a fan mounted flush on the outside wall of my box, where i have ducting running to one end of my light, then i have ducting running from the other side of the cooltube running out the back of my box. [Not sure of CFM but it is considerably stronger then my 250cfm inline fans.]

    i have a 6'' inline fan mounted on the top of the box for an exhaust with ducting running down to main grow chamber. i had a passive intake but my temps were rediculus so i just put in another 6'' inline fan on the intake of my cab. [Both intake and exhaust are 250cfm]

    the ambient temp of the garage itself is roughly 23C. the cab is sitting roughly at 28-30C. is this going to be too hot for my ladys or, should i be fine.

    Would love to hear some feedback kinda in a rush to get the ladys back in the box.

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