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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by gr0wer, Apr 27, 2003.

  1. i was thinking of ways to control temp accuratly. How hard would it be to attach a thermostat like what controls my heat in my house to turn on and off fans? what do most people use?
  2. I have 8 1000W lights and my problem was too much HEAT, I always drop to about 63F at night which is good. I bought a 24,000 BTU A\C and keeps me at 76F and I have it set to no lower then that. Whats you situation to hot or to cold????
  3. Is there nowhere to intake air in from a window??? How big is this box??? When you flower make sure your lights are on during the night so the air is cooler.
  4. hey packymac..how did you do that?..the temp-guage on/off switch thing lol...

    i think ill do that as well.. =)

    just need to know how
  5. is your ballast in the growbox?....if so, try wiring it up somewhere else, should help reduce the heat.......Peace out....Sid
  6. hm..i cant really understand what you're saying with the typos and such...sorry =\...

    although..i was thinking of creating a temperature guage that was metal, when it moves to a cooler, decided temperature, the metal piece on the guage would stop touching the wire thus stopping the electricity from going through to the fans
  7. also: the room that im going to be using the temp thing on is underground in 5'5" wide, 7' - 10' long, 6'3" tall...

    i think im going to hook two up..one to one fan, another to the next fan...maybe even add two more fans because they are about the size of computer fans
  8. ohhh makes sense now =D thanks =)
  9. a question about the thermostat, the one i bought runs on 12v and i take it thet the output is in 12v also, so do i have to hook up relays or is it 110 v outputs?
  10. Hey Packymac for the heat and smell I'm not sure of your $$$ situation but you can buy a cheap protable Air conditioner for around $3-400 CDN and they come with a hose that needs to be exhausted out a window, I would say around a 5000 BTU would do you good. Also once you bloom if the smell is bad you can buy a coco or charcoal filter, you would just need a small one for $200 and build your box a little bigger and stick that in there. You'd be laughin then!!!

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