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Temp and Humidity for Jack H.

Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by John Q. Public, Mar 3, 2010.

  1. Quote from The Big Book of Buds... page 69, Jack Herer: "Dry climates, like Spain and California are Jack Herer's only reasonable candidate for an outdoor home. Growing Jack Herer indoors is necessary in most parts of the world".

    Everything I've read says keep temp around 75 F and RH close to 50%. I haven't been able to find anything that suggests certain strains might prefer conditions other than that.

    I live in a fairly dry area (ambient humidity is around 25 - 30%) and I could raise the temp in the room real easy by turning off a fan or two.

    Anyone have any experience growing JH? Anyone have experience with other strains that prefer warmer and/or dryer environments?
  2. JH has dense bud's so you have to grow it in a lower RH...this is true with other strain's that grow fairly good sized, dense bud's...the high RH like 50% or more could cause bud mold and make them more prone to spidermites and other pest's...
    75-76 is pretty darn good for any MJ indoor's i never go above 82 just my way of doing thing's but alway's shoot for 77-78 in my flower room..
    JH should do excelent in this condition's and so will most strain's as well, it's damn near perfect for them..
  3. Custom280Z (bitchin' cars, always wanted one back in the day)... thanks for the input, that makes a lot of sense. Now I can stop messing with that damn humidifier as much. Was filling it up 2x/day and that would only keep RH around 45 tops (just now went into the flower room, so no bud rot or anything....).

  4. thanx for the rep bro, glad i could help man, anytime...
    ya JH kicks ass...
    i alway's stay below 50% but 30-40% is really best for any dense bud strain...you should be fine cause your adding humidity, so cutting it off just makes it that much easier...
    good luck on that JH

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