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  1. from what i read on erowid...

    these little pills called temazepam are a benzo derivative.

    does this mean they can get me high? has anyone else tried these?
    ive read some reports but i wanna get some answers from here too

    cuz i got about 70 mlgs and i wanna catch a benzo buzz.
  2. i ate em the one day when i was on robitussin and my dad called n i managed to not slur my words until the very end and then he knew n he was like "bring the car home now" n i told my friends "dude, i dont think i can drive home" but they were all fucked up to so i ended up driving anyway, drove alright

    and when i talked my friends said it sounded like i was real depressed haha, there pretty good, i'm not sure what exact mg they were but i remember i looked em up and they were the highest ones possible. i ate 5 of em n got all fucked up so thats my only advice to ya
  3. im fukce dup

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