Telling seed sex?

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    Have you ever heard of telling the sex of a seed by looking at the end that was attached to the plant and if it's perfectly round it's female and if it is oblong or irregular it is a male? I saw this on YouTube and the guy said he was 100% at being able to tell. When I selected seeds to plant that's what I did so now just waiting to see.
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  2. Sounds like someone just messing with people. I was talking to my local weed expert and he said that the last few years a ton of people have been fostering false information on the internet about growing so they have the upper hand commercially and people never reach there level.
  3. Not sure what part of the plant you're talking about but most strains will start throwing preflowers when they get to a certain age. Or you can start your seeds under 12/12 and flip back to 18+ once they show sex.
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  4. Ahhh youtube...

    As far as I know, you can't sex seeds.
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  5. Wait so I can determine the sex without setting my grow time back? I am talking about starting the pre-flower then putting it back into veg. Also when can I do this safely?
  6. not th
    not the plant the seed before it sprouts
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  7. He showed it but who knows, I have head all kinds of ways that were suppose to tell but none really worked. nothing to lose and with 60 seeds I will find out.
  8. Won't do any good to start them under 12/12 because a seedling isn't able to show sex until the sixth set of true leaves or so the Germans would have us believe. Go 20/4, 18/6 and when they are old enough to sex then go to 12/12 that way you get a bigger plant faster.
  9. I like seed sex...proper kinky shit
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  10. No you'll have to change your light schedule once they begin to flower. Basically just start your seeds under 14 hours of light or less and then once they begin to show sex, flip it back to 18 hours or more.

    Its not the same for every plant. We've started probably 60 seeds over the last 3 months and there was an obvious difference in time to show sex. They were started in a greenhouse early in the year so we still had short days and some showed sex earlier than others. Every plant is unique when growing from seed, thats the whole point behind pheno hunting ;)
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  11. Its not necessary to start under 18+ hours of light but if you feel like messing with your light timer that often then feel free lol
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  12. the more light they receive the faster they will grow/show sex and12 hours of dark for a fast growing plant is a waste they don't do shit in the dark..
  13. I ain't going there........
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  14. do 20/4 plants need rest
  15. I've never heard of that before...but there's a ton of stuff I've never heard before too. Probably for the best. LOL The only time I touch seeds is when I take them out of the packet when they come from the seller. Have never messed with anything other than feminized starters and then worked off clones from there. Maybe one day I'll get brave enough to do some breeding. Barely have enough time now to do all the work that goes into what I've got going. I desperately need an apprentice to help with all this, someone I could teach. The problem lies in that you can't trust a damn soul anymore and we are all just safer keeping our business to ourselves. TWW
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  16. The dark time is rest time be it 4 6 8 what ever you choose but 12 dark is a waste. do the math if the light is on 18 versus 12 that is 6 hours of growing time the plants don't get and in 30 days that adds up to 180 hours of light the plant could have used to grow just wasted.
  17. im doing micro grows 20/4 is just for my veg, 12/12 in flower time kicks in faster but every strain is diferent
  18. aint gonna make as much of a difference as you think.

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