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  1. So my brother is at CU boulder and he visits every so often
    He's a good kid, honor student, top in class, never really partied except for school related ones, i dont think he ever drank, didnt smoke im sure, and i always hide it from him
    I mean hes always been a good bro to me and i feel like i should tell him i smoke weed

    i once was getting a ride from him and it was me and my friend in the car with him and he wanted to know what my brother would do if he was offered drugs, but he said it in a joking way
    he said, "what if you roommate gets meth?" and my bro said, "yeah i dont think that would happen"
    then my friend said, "what if he offered you weed?" and my brother said,"uhh... i dont know? hit it out of his hands"
    and he looked at me and i couldn't tell if he was joking or not

    and its his first year at CU and yeah its a party school, and i think i might just stop hiding it, and if he finds it then ill tell him
    Nobody else in my family knows, and idk about this, i mean what if i tell him and he gets pissed?
    He isn't really ignorant so i guess i could whip out The Union

    What do you guys think, should i tell him?
  2. If he won't rat you out, go for it. But if shit starts going downhill;l, your fucked. I would if I were you. Offer him a smokedown too :].
  3. thats partly what im scared of
    i mean the last time i did something bad and told him was like 3 years ago, i stole a candy bar and he ratted me out

    i mean i dont want him to freak out right away, i guess ill just wait till my parents and little brothers go to somewhere and we are the only ones home

    i can see two different reactions from him, one is he just shocked and asks why, and two he might just go "your a dumbass, you are ruining your life," and he wouldnt give me anytime to explain anything

    im sure if i could just sit him down and explain everything he wouldn't look down on it, i mean ill show him research, ill show him how it is a safe drug

    i am now thinking about waiting till December to tell him, its Christmas break and i mean i could get him to maybe do it so he will know what he is criticizing if he hates it
  4. Here, when you two are the only ones home, start watching the union, and be like "yo, you wanna watch this with me - my buddy said it was really informational", hopefully he watches it with you, then you ask him how he feels about it, from then on is your choice - I'm sure you will know which way to go.
  5. Im at CU boulder and let me tell you that nobody here does neither. almost un heard of haha. Im sure if you tell him he will tell you too.
  6. I wouldnt put it past him.

    He is old enough to know whats good man,

    you think he tells you everything?
  7. shit man i dont see a reason to tell him. let him find out himself
  8. i think when he visits im just going to have this site bookmarked, because he does use my computer
    and it'll go from there
  9. yo he goes to boulder, he's probably growing;), dont worry about it

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