Tell The New Attorney General To End The DEA's Raids On Medical Marijuna Providers

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    Simply send this message or something like it:

    "Hello, my name is ____________.

    While campaigning for the office of the President, Barack Obama promised that he would halt the DEA raids of state-authorized providers of medical marijuana in the 13 states that have legalized the drug's use. The White House reaffirmed this stance in comments to the Washington Times on February 5. Further, according to a new Zogby poll of over 1,000 likely voters, 72 percent of Americans believe that President Obama should uphold this pledge. As U.S. Attorney General, you have the power to demand the DEA stop targeting medical marijuana patients and providers. Please uphold the will of the people and the President: Tell the DEA to stop circumventing state medical marijuana laws."


    More contact info on the Norml site I posted. Come on guys, it is time to fight for our rights!

  2. What was this posted already? I looked but I might of missed it

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