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  1. OK......workin' evenings cleanin' where there's nothin but dudes workin'. I am a sociable person and have talked to a few of these guys. One older guy and I were talkin by the soda machine one evening and the subject of pot came up. He smokes it & so do I. Cool. Next thing I know he's sneakin me little corner baggies of the most heller shit I've smoked in a long time!!! Usually enough for me to bring it home & me & the ol' man get High for a couple days!!! The deal is I'm afraid the ol' man is gettin suspicious. Why is this dude givin' me this smoke for free. I haven't been flirtin with him or givin him any kind of signals like that. I mostly talk about my brats, the ol' man...etc. There's NO WAY I'm gonna turn down free smoke. I just don't wanna piss anyone off, ya know?
  2. Girls have all the luck.
  3. Could it be he is just a nice guy? Maybe he thinks you are a very nice lady! What do you think his reasons are ?
    It would be hard for any of us to know with out being there or a least knowing the guy. Differrent guys have different treasons for doing the same thing. If it were me I would be trying to be friendly. I also may think that you are a very special person that i would like to share a smoke with some time! Who knows unless you ask him. I don't know if this has helped or not. Be sweet and enjoy your treat.
  4. well takeing gift from other man why your married is wrong!unless open and stright forward and secound if you love the husband dont put him in that spot! he cares about you and it can in the long run hert you both next time refuse it and tell him that your husband said if you dont by it that you cant have it! if the man sales to you he just wants some to talk to in friendship!if he gets mad he had other things in mind that you were not awhere of!its hard to say but if my wife came home with weed once i would ask where it came from twice i would ask if she is staying!the thrid time shes leaveing!good luck its a hard one to call !chose
  5. There is no such thing as a free lunch darlin'

    The first thing you have to understand is....

    Men have one true goal in life : To have sex with as many women as much as they can before they die....

    Simple as that. If he's giving you free pot, then frankly... it's not really for free... he's expecting something in return.

    Now maybe he reckons he might not actually get anything in return cos' you're married, but hey, as far as he's concerned, it never hurts to try. Would you be the first woman to have an extra-marital affair? Nope didn't think so and probably he thinks the same too....

    So, you've got three choices...

    1. Tell him you'll have to pay for your shit in future cos' it's only fair that way.

    2. Don't take any more shit from him and do you're best to keep out of his way (he'll soon get the idea).

    3. Fuck him on the side, still keep the pot and play house with the hubby like nothin' was goin' down.

  6. Hmm tough question.. Because I'm the kind of person where, if I have bomb weed, I love to share it with people whose company I enjoy, and by that I don't mean sexually. I love calling up my friends and saying hey, come over guess what we have to share!!
    My friend Dan and I were like that, we always smoked together and were overly generous with our sacs and $ with each other.. No ill naughty intentions just true friendship. His wife was suspicious until she met my boyfriend/fiance, and realized that I'm actually "good people."

    I would be suspicous though, especially if you are just getting to know him. If you want you could say hey, thanks so much for the offer but why are you offering this for free? I am worried I might be giving you the wrong impression, or something along those lines. Not all men are dogs, but there are a few out there and alot of them are sneaky-styley ;)

    I'd tell your husband too, and even ask his advice - who knows men more than themselves? And him knowing that you're more concerned about him getting the wrong impression, well then he might not be as jealous/suspicious.

    Maybe he's just a guy who likes to spread the wealth, who knows!! I would ask him. Worst case scenario he likes you and you politely say thanks but no thanks, and you don't get chicks by offering free weed hun :)
  7. I'm with Ganjaphish on this one. I, myself, would be a little suspicious. Best to keep your eyes open, gal.
  8. ......yes, that's me. I guess I just wanna be able to meet people, be their friend-male or female-and they are the same way.....just friends. I have lots of male friends-most of them would jump me if I gave them half a chance but they have remained my friends because they respect me and DON'T. There has been a little flirtation here or there-all in fun. I find it's the men's mentality-if there's a chic around they'll poke their member in anywhere-even if it's just in conversation!!!LOL!!!

    ....And YES....when it came down to it and the dude found out I was bein moved to another place to clean, he just wanted a kiss! HAH!!! I said "I KNEW IT!!!" You're just like all the rest. I tried to give him some $$$ but he wouldn't take it. I told him I didn't want to feel like I owed him anything. He said he was sorry he was just glad to get to meet me. Whatever. I'm glad I'm outta there. There were a couple of other dudes who were pretty cool who I will miss-they were cool to me and didn't expect anything but coolness back.

    Just for the record, I am not married. My ol' man and I have been livin' together for almost three years. At first I wanted to get married-and I thought he did, too. Then, it's like, not that big of a deal to him, so I gave up on the idea. You can't talk people into shit like that. Either they want to or they don't.

    Thanks guys-you were right. I'm in denial...
  9. They just think differently than we do.

    Several years ago, I had worked with this guy who was old enough to be my father. Well, after I quit the job, he was coming over to visit from time to time, and we would shoot the shit and I would try to get him stoned (but the fucker just couldn't catch a buzz off the stuff!).

    One night, he came over and we drank some beer, and we we did some coke. He wanted to try it again, saying he hadn't done it for about 20 years. Well, a few hours later, and many beers later, he tries to kiss me and grope me! My jaw hit the floor...I couldn't fucking believe this (married) guy, whom I had looked up to as kind of a father figure, was doing this to me! I think I hurt his feelings; cuz I started crying. Things just haven't quite been the same between us since, and every time I see his wife I feel so guilty.
  10. What is it about men? No offense my penised-friends, but sometimes "friends" just isn't good enough! I have had the same thing happen to me too... One of my dear buddies who I frequented the bars with 2-3 times a week and yes smoked the occasional joint with when we had the chance (we were both dry on connections @ that point in our lives).. Throughout all our friendship I was 100% convinced that was all it was, and adamantly told his wife that, and she trusted me, especially once she found out I had a boyfriend of my own.. But then one night we got particularly drunk on a Cinco de Mayo (Jello shots did me in!!) and he started to grab onto my ass and try to kiss me..

    I was absolutely horrified and embarrassed that he would expect anything like that of me - thought he knew me better than that - and grabbed my ride home and we left. He was actually mad that I left him with a hard-on (which eventually turned into blue-balls I imagine), and since then I can't bring myself to go drinking with him, no matter how many times we've argued about it.

    And it happened with a different friend of mine, we've been friends for 8 years, though he just asked if he could kiss me and I said haha *blaugh* sorry to puke on your shoe it had nothing to do with the kiss comment but it's time to go home (that was an embarrassing exit as well though messier lol). He and I are still friends but I stay away from him when he's drunk like that now.

    Tis a shame, those were both my best drinking buddies ever and I have stopped barhopping altogether because of these incidents! ;( I miss it but my wallet doesn't !!

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