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should i stop smoking whilst shes pregnant

  1. yes stop smoking

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  2. no carry on smoking in the garage...

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  1. my girlfriend is pregnant and naturally ..has stopped smoking , which i totally agree with

    but what i dont agree with is now...
    she wants me to stop
    even though i dont smoke around her or even in the house

    she knows how much i enjoy a smoke after a hard day at work .......

    but she is insisting

    what should i do

    come on people i value your input
  2. feel her pain, lol.
  3. I say be a good boyfriend and support her through this time. Not only is she pregnant, but she had to stop too (if she smoke before). I\'ve never been pregnant, but I hear its a rather difficult thing to go through ~ and having your support in this issue would probably mean the world to her.

    good luck!
  4. yeah i dunno whut i\'m gonna do when my gf gets pregnant. i probably won\'t quit smoking because when i was on probation nobody quit for me. I guess if my girl asked me to quit for her i would but i don\'t think she would ask me to do such a thing.

  5. I agree with all of the above!!!!!!!!
  6. yeah, Im gonna have to go with the masses on this one. I know how hard it is to take time off from smoking esp. when its in routine...
    ..good luck..
  7. I\'m probably going to get beat down for this but... I would compromise and not get high around her at all. I wouldn\'t even come home high because it\'s even worse for her to see you high while she\'s straight and probably not in the best of moods.

    I wouldn\'t quit, though, unless you have a problem with being a father who smokes pot.

    If the two of you plan to continue living life as smokers after the baby is born, then I don\'t understand why you should have to completely give it up,now. However, if you\'re not going to be parents that smoke then you better get a head start and go ahead and quit.
  8. i\'d quit... don\'t try and piss off a pregnant woman lol...
    I\'d try asking her if I could just go smoke someplace other than the house or something, if she won\'t let you do that then just quit. You gotta be there for her.
  9. NO.

    A women bears the child in her whom (a mistery to us all men). That comes with responsibilities.
    She had to stop while pregnant.
    You don\'t.
    You have the curtosy not to smoke near her, that\'s good.
    You can stop if YOU want stop.
    But you can\'t stop if it\'s somone else that wants you to.
    to try would be most probably a failure, since we all know that in order to quit something you have to stop wanting it.
  10. I\'ll add my two cents ;) Keep the Wherever that takes ya.. If I was in your shoes, I\'d probably quit for a while.. It\'s ain\'t perminent....You two will be smoking together again in no time :smoking:
  11. I think it depends on the GF, is she the type that will be jealous and give you a hard time. What about drinking are you still going to be able to have a beer with the guys. I think there is a line of coutesy and its up to you to find out where it is. Speaking personally I might quit or seriously tone it down but thats just me. :)
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